Maybe a story, vent, current event or really anything on my mind. This is my personal blog with my slant on a subject.   I have written about special people, events in my life, annoying things, funny things, and  peeves.. It is a perfect venue for me to put a bit of  my life down in words. It will help keep my mind sharp.  I enjoy blogging. I know it isn’t a waste of time even it no one reads them.  I consider it therapy.. BUT HEY, Why not scroll around and read  some of my blogs?   Don’t wait until I die to show an interest!

I hope to eventually blog about all the people who are special in my life. That will take a lot of time!   Since you have found your way to my blog,  please feel free to browse. Click on the archive dates and read any of my blog titles. Who knows? You might find that I have written about YOU! Also, you may subscribe to my blog. This way you will receive an e-mail everytime I post an entry.

I wish all my loved ones would blog. It is a journal that will be priceless as time marches on.

Betty Brown Hammond



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