The Magical Tat of Pehr: Chapter 18

Today Meg was scheduled to be discharged. Her reaction to the news of Ted Bannon’s death was shock, then relief. She apologized for feeling at peace from the death of another. But I had seen the aura, and Ted was not God’s child. All I wanted to do for her now is provide comfort. Remove her unfounded guilt, for in my heart I knew God had taken out her demon.

Due to the new facts in her case, she would regain custody of Ian once she completed rehab for the forced drugs from the demonized biker.

Ted Bannon had dosed her on several occasions, raping her as well. Therapy was going to be available for her. My work here is not quite done. This is something I have to see to fruition.

Leaving the hospital, I prayed aloud for Meg, and Ian. A prayer for healing and a prayer she and Ian accept God.

As I was coming through Fairston, I saw one of the Thacker brother’s walking into the barber shop. I could only see his back but I recognized the build, and that cammo t shirt he’d worn for years. Rarely do you see one twin without the other. Was this a chance for confronting the past abuse?

I pulled into a parking space and waited for him to be placed in the chair.

Praying again, for wisdom to say the right things. Praying to find bright colors intermingled with what I already knew.

From my parking spot, I saw the barber escort him to a chair. As he took off his hat I saw his red tousled hair. Cam Thacker, it was. He was definitely the instigator of the two.

Walking in the shop, I said “Hello Cam”. An awkward situation, as the barber had buzzed off half his hair. Bolting out the door would be a tougher option. Most bullies are cowards, so I thought he might run He didn’t, though he said nothing. As our eyes met, his aura appeared. Praying in silence, “Lord God please provide devine intervention. Help me interpret what I see, Dear lord”.

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