The Magical Tat of Pehr: Chapter 16

Frantically my eyes scanned for the door to the stairs. Adrenaline pumping, I leapt up each flight, as if I could fly. When I reached the third floor I burst through the door and ran down the long hall. The guard was talking to someone at Meg’s door. As I approached, a dark and nasty aura arose above the person engaging the security guard. The situation was escalating. The louder, and more belligerent this individual became, the more putrid the colors above.

Standing only ten feet away I saw the biker with flowers in one hand, helmet in the other. He told the guard he was going in, the easy way or the hard way.

I stepped around the corner and asked one of the nurses to call for back up.

As I returned, this evil man had thrown the flowers and helmet down. He was trying to overpower the guard. I prayed for God’s help. Then jumped in the skirmish.

Meg was crying. “Don’t let him in!” Her sobbing and screaming echoing in the corridor.

I grabbed his arms from behind and held tight. The guard was able to cuff him though he fought aggressively. The backup arrived and took the offender into custody.

I asked if I could talk to Meg. Who was still wailing and rocking to and fro on her bed. The guard walked me in.

Meg stopped rocking and wiped away her tears. She looked at me and asked, ” How’s Ian, is he alright? Aren’t you that guy? The one claiming to be his protector? You have to keep him away! He put those needles in my arm! Please don’t let him near Ian!”

“It is all going to be fine. He’s in jail now. Calm down, Meg. I will see justice is served for you, and Ian. Were you drugged against your will?”

“Your name is Pehr, like a pear?”

I nodded in affirmation.

“He found us. I dont know how, but he did. I was clean two years. All I thought about was Ian! Then he barges in saying I’m still just a junkie hooker nobody will ever want. He said I’d come crawling back. But no! I don’t want that life. I’m Ian’s mom. That’s what I want.” She said, still blubbering.

“Don’t worry; Meg;” I said. “Do you believe in God?”

“She said, ” I want to. I really want to.”

“Pray, Meg. God is real” I said, then turned and left.

On the way out I was stopped by the guard. He said, ” His name is Paul Bannon. He had a needle with heroin laced with fentanyl in his vest pocket Of course the lab will have to verify. I’m pretty sure this guy has some serious charges against him.”

I sighed in relief. Thank you lord!

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