The Magical Tat of Pehr: Chapter 15

Ian seemed content to go with the Wilkens. Elle said she chose them for Ian as they were especially attentive to all their fosters. Troubled kids have thrived in their care. They also live close to Fairston. It will be easier to keep an eye on him.

Meg was heavy on my heart. So many things I need to know. Her colors are not of someone who would purposely neglect her child. She worked so hard to get Ian back. Something isn’t right.

As I was on my way to Providence, I passed her apartment building. Exiting the parking lot was a⁸ bearded rider on a Harley, wearing a black brain bucket.

I turned into the complex as J.B. was stepping out of his apartment. I’ll grill him on the biker dude.

“Hello J.B., Got a minute,”I said, hoping he had not yet made his daily jaunt to the liquor store. He seemed fine , at least he wasn’t staggering. “So. how are ya, buddy?” I said.

“I’m as good as can be spected.” He replied. “J.B. did you see the biker dude that had visited Meg? Was he just here?” J.B. looked at me seriously, then said, “That man ain’t no good! He gives me the heebie jeebies!”

“Did you talk to him? Did he say anything to you? I asked. J.B. sat down on a five gallon plastic bucket turned upside down, then gestured for me to take a seat on the foot stool. This was his makeshift porch furniture. As we sat in the entryway of his apartment, he vented, “I tell you, he ain’t no good! I stared into those devil eyes. I saw evil in thare. Been coming by the last few days ’bout this time. Gettin’ off that bike and stompin’ up those steps. Bangin’ on Meg’s door. Cussin’ and kickin’. He threw her flower pot over the balcony yesterday! Yep, he asked if I knew where Meg had gone. It went ‘gainst my better judgement, but I told him the ambulance took her away. That man can put a scare into folks.”

I thanked J.B. for the info, then headed to the hospital. J B. didn’t tell him which hospital. But I hope the officer guarding her today was attentive, and up to the challenge.

Suddenly a sense of urgency took over. I was driving fast, praying the entire way. I pulled into the first available space, got out and sprinted to the entrance. A tattooed man with flowers stepped into the elevator. I tried to catch the door before it closed. The stairs were my only option to stop this crazed man.

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