The Magical Tat of Pehr: Chapter 9

“Dear Lord, You have designated me as an instrument, to make a difference. Lead me to probe the source of darkness. Arm me with the mindset necessary to pursue and make amends, as you see fit. Through Jesus’ name. Amen.” I prayed softly.

Reb and I sat there, on alert, for five minutes.

In the distance, we saw movement. From behind the dumpster, around the bakery on the west court square, there slithered a shadow. As he began walking across the gravel parking area, we were indubitably clear he was of the devil. Armed with the power of God, we crossed the street and stood on the sidewalk. Anticipating an encounter.

His aura of overtones was sensed even from the distance. Any colors in his color wheel were muted, only gloomy drabness.

Reb began to growl unreservedly. Stroking his head, I said, “Easy boy, I feel it, too. Listen to me, Reb.”

As the rogue figure lumbered toward us, I was fixated on him. Reb’s attention was on the dumpster. As the deranged soul was getting closer, Reb broke away, leash in tow. Straightaway to the dumpster, he ran. My concentration could not be broken. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to eye contact. We were aware of his vile ungodliness even from a distance. He briskly picked up his pace when he saw Reb dart away to the dumpster. As I started toward him, he began to scuttle. He was steadily gazing my way. Though vigilant, my stare was locked upon him.

Then as he was crossing the sidewalk, not ten feet from where I stood, he and I met stares. The colors were abhorrent. He continued into the road in an attempt to escape.

The middle-aged man in the white utility truck didn’t have any reaction time. This deviant lunged forward and was drawn underneath. His brakes squalled as he tried to prevent running him over with the back wheels. He hopped out of the truck screaming, ” Oh my God! I didn’t even see him, I swear!” This poor man was visibly shaken. He had an extremely compassionate aura. He was holding his head down, hand over eyes, as this seemed too much to perceive. I stood beside him and put my arm around him. He seemed instantly soothed. He calmed, the shaking ceased. We walked to the bench, we sat silently until the police arrived.

Reb! I had to find him! I rushed around the bakery, and to the dumpster. Behind the dumpster, there sat Reb, licking the face of a badly beaten boy. A short piece of blood covered board lay about five feet away. Reb’s whining had reached an ear piercing decible. Without even having to call for help, an ambulance and police car arrived.

They saw me kneeling down beside the boy, checking for breath. The paramedics took over. After stabilizing, they loaded his pitiful body into the ambulance and rushed to Children’s Hospital Of Mobile.

The officers wanted a statement, so I gathered Reb’s leash. We scooted into the back of the squad car and headed to the station in downtown Mobile. While there, I told the officers about this strange man. He had leaned into the truck as a means of self-execution. Purposely leaving out my interpretation of his color wheel, and the spine chilling sensation brought on by his aura.

The blood splattered board, would provide enough forensic evidence of what I already knew. Swift justice, in this case, came in the form of a white utility truck. Although he was not pronounced dead until he arrived at the hospital. I knew he had passed. The repulsiveness, exuding from him subsided as the tires rolled over his body.

We finished our interview with the detective and were walking down the hall to the exit. Coming our way, was the man from the utility truck, there to give his statement. We stopped and formally introduced ourselves. He shook my hand and genuinely thanked me for my kindness. “Pay it forward, my friend.” was all I said as we met eyes.

His color wheel revealed an almost blinding array of beautiful colors! Brilliant colors, only a tincture of grey in small lines between the glowing allure of vibrant tones. He patted Reb on the head as he proceeded toward the interrogation room.

The following morning Lonny dropped by for coffee. We were on the porch enjoying our brew when Reb came clopping up the porch steps, morning paper in his mouth. He sat wagging his tail, wanting to be acknowledged. Lonny said, “Wow, Reb, Good boy!” He dropped the paper at Lonny’s feet. As he unrolled the paper, he saw Reb pictured with the officer from the scene. Lonny’s look of shock and awe brought a big grin to my face.

He said, “The front page of the Mobile Register! What did you do?” He read about the unidentified boy behind the dumpster, discovered by a black lab mutt, named Reb, now a hero. The perpetrator was hit by a vehicle while fleeing and later died at Mobile Providence. Divinely Appropo.,


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