The Magical Tat of Pehr: Chapter 8

“Dear Sovereign God of the Universe, I pray for courage and wisdom to carry out your plan. Thank you, dear Lord, for choosing me for your service. Just as you knew Jeremiah even before you formed him in the womb, you knew me, dear God. You set me apart, as well. I am deeply grateful, and will do whatever I am called to do., Please empower me. in Jesus name, AMEN!” I prayed, wholeheartedly. Sitting on a bench where Orion and Rigel used to sit right next to me, or on my lap. They were not here in body, but I can feel their spirit.

It had been two months since my confrontation with the bully, Justin Wells. Every day I come to the pier to pray and meditate. Physically, I am transforming. Marvelous changes, body and soul, since the Orion Constellation was inked upon my back. A ravenous avidity for eating and a rigorous exercise routine is helping muscle cover bones. Mama Kate would be so proud. Still not sure what any future assignments will require. All I can do is pray, and pray often. This is God readying me to be commissioned.

Tonight Auggie is bringing Reb to stay awhile. He’s going to Tennessee for a visit with his mother, Maybel, and sister, Jean. Miss Maybel’s health has been on a steady decline following Mama Kate’s death.

Reb is a mutt, a black lab mix. He is a very large boy. A big ole baby when he has a vet check. Auggie always asks me along to help hold him still, and keep him calm. Reb listens to me. He is almost ten now. I used to beg Mama Kate to ask Auggie to give him to me. Truth be known, that was his plan all along.

When Auggie first brought Reb over, I was eight years old. Our dog, Queenie, had passed away only six months before. She had been my Mama’s dog. When Mama Kate inherited me, she got Queenie, too. She was a German Shepard. Mama Kate said Queenie grieved for days after Ruth died.

Auggie brought me home from the hospital. As he placed me in my crib, Queenie was sniffing and jumping to get a peek of me. She lay down beside my crib and didn’t budge. She knew I belonged to Ruth. I was her new charge. We were inseparable up until she died. My world came falling down. Queenie was my best friend. As bad as I took this, I know it was much harder on Mama Kate. When Auggie came along with Reb, she said she didn’t have it in her to raise a puppy. Although, we knew Queenie’s death had taken an enormous portion of her heart.

Since my calling, people were seen as color wheels. If I made eye contact, I could get a picture of their color wheel. It would even send positive or negative vibrations that I felt to the core of my soul. Everyone’s colors vary. Some very bright with very little drearily dull tones. Others, not quite as vivid, with drab tones intermittently mingled. The bully, Justin Wells, had a color wheel with pleasing colors that were lackluster. Contrasted by the most soul-chilling dimness imagined. Would I ever get a glimpse of the Thacker twin’s color chart? Am I being used to promote kindness, thus brightening the color wheels of those within my scope? So very much to absorb! Nevertheless, I was feeling stronger every day. Stronger in mind, body, and spirit. I’m up to the task!

I set out on my evening walk, Reb, dog trotting alongside. The city square was only a mile and a half from my house. Normally, I walk to the square, loop around, and walk home. As Reb and I approached the south side of the square, I began to receive vibes I can only describe as highly malevolent. Reb instigated a growl, although soft, a guteral grumble.

Reb hopped on the bench at the corner, still snarling. I sat down and began to pray.


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