That Inexplicable Disease I’ve had for 40 years

When I was seventeen, I started having insane itching spells which produced sores. I began my long search for a cause and cure. Many dermatologist were seen over the last forty years. I’ve been biopsied, scraped, given handfuls of sample creams, steroids, and sent away with no clear diagnosis. This went on year after year.

It never has been a constant problem. I have spells, then periods of time with no issues. However, this year it has been worse than ever, I’m broken out with sores on my legs, hips, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, and have them throughout my scalp. I’ve had these sores inside my ears, nose and on my lips.

It’s rather embarrassing, I look like a crack addict!

In desperation I went to my dermatologist again in the spring. A biopsy was taken that produced no answers. It did show staph infection. I was treated for that and was dismissed from their care. They referred me to a neurologist. I couldn’t get an appointment there before September.

I am broken out so badly and having many itching spells. These spells are so intense it is maddening. Like a thousand mosquitoe bites! I am up all night, sometimes. I decided to go to my primary care doc to see if he could treat my symptoms.

Dr. McDonald tried steroids for a week with a steroid cream. He gave me Doxipen to be taken at night.

None of that made a dent, I went back today with more sores, looking tired from so many sleepless nights. He gave me a strong antihistamine, and pain meds.

Leave it to me to have a chronic condition that has stumped all my doctors, Just know , when you see me, that I am not on Meth. Just dealing with a disease that doesn’t exist.

2 thoughts on “That Inexplicable Disease I’ve had for 40 years

  1. It hurts to see you in such misery. There has to be an answer! We know you aren’t on meth, lol. But finding an answer for you must be all of our priority..I know you have probably tried everything out there. we will keep looking.


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