I Am So Much More Than My Politics

Last Saturday morning I was driving my little CRV, with three stickers on the glass of the hatchback. One has the acronym, O. A. R.. another on the far right has 311, the one in the middle just says Trump.

I was leaving the Farm, after setting up for Jan’s party. I decided to stop for a drink on my way to my son and daughter in law’s reveal luncheon.

I stopped at Family Dollar on Temple Avenue. After purchasing my drink, I left the store.

As I approached my car, I noticed a woman standing at the back of my car, just staring at my stickers! I was thinking WTH! When she noticed me, she started yelling at me!

I can’t remember everything she said, but I know most of it was extremely vile! She was in my face, almost inviting a punch in the nose! She asked, “Why do you have all these conflicting stickers on your car?”

I still don’t know what she meant by that. I said, “Beg your pardon? What are you talkin about?” She said something like, you got this KKK thing over here and I don’t even know what this is ,,,,what does that mean, O. A. R? I tried to reason with her, telling her there was nothing wrong with my stickers. The two on the outside are bands. And there’s nothing evil about their music.

Then the real rant began! She screamed “The one in the middle is f****** Trump!” Then began to curse at me in a very loud and freakish way. Calling me every name in the book, including the c word!

She was dropping f-bombs like crazy. I lost my cool, briefly, Saying “I could f****** vote for anyone I wanted!” She then told me to go s*** Trump’s c***!

This woman was white, with a tall skinny build. She had long blonde hair on one side, shaved on the other, and was wearing a long skirt and blouse. The only thing missing was her p***y hat!

I had never laid eyes on this woman before in my life! I was not going to get in a fight with her on account of her stupidity. Why should I risk going to jail over an idiot?

So as I was getting into my car, she looked at me in a very condescending way. Sarcastically, she said, “Look at you with you patriotic shirt!”

I was wearing a shirt with red white and brew! It had a picture of three beers in front of a flag background.

So at that point I got into in my car, rolled down the window and said, “God bless you!” She turned to me threw her cigarette towards my car, stepped towards me and stomped it out!

Why is a total stranger so freaking angry at me? When I see someone who supports Hillary, Obama, or any other liberal politician, even someone wearing a Malcolm X, or Bernie Sanders shirt, I would never confront them, much less, curse them. What has happened to human decency?

Everyone has a right to their beliefs, and a right to affiliate with any political party of their choice! We’re in America!

Whether I agree with someone or not, I do not despise them! I have friends who are not conservative. I love them, dearly. There are so many more things by which, I am defined.

There is an old adage about not bringing up politics or religion. But should I be free to display my political preferences without being verbally assaulted?

Seriously, did this woman think that I was going to say, “OMG, you are right! I will scrape these evil stickers off immediately! I will never vote for another Republican again! You have opened my eyes!”

She was so filled with hatred, she didn’t care what her rant would prove. I think she made an ass of herself! But I wasn’t going to change her either. So saying little was the thing to do.

As I drove away, I felt bad. I felt, maybe I should have cold cocked her! I was angry to be assaulted in this way! I was angry at the bistanders, who seemed to enjoy it. Mostly, I was worried about my grandkids being raised in a society with lunatics who are filled with hate.

Gathering my composure after that, took a minute. . I won’t let her spoil my day, I WILL enjoy the gender reveal! (and I did)

The left preaches tolerance, but it doesn’t seem to apply to Christian conservatives? I feel as if, for us, they have no tolerance at all! To surmise this opinion over this one incident would be foolish. I don’t want to make blanket observations. But this is not the first time someone has gotten in my face over my politics.

Trust me, I do not like confrontation. But on my own property, and my own vehicle, I reserve the right to support any candidate, or musical artists, I want!

But get to know me. You might find I’m not so bad, in spite of our political differences,

4 thoughts on “I Am So Much More Than My Politics

  1. That woman is an angry person filled with hate. Normal people, Republican or Democrat, do not behave that way! She was also ignorant and commenting about things she didn’t have any knowledge of. Ohhhh man, I bet that highly pissed her off when you told her “God Bless You”! You did the right thing! The thing of it is, even though you did the right thing, im betting you were rattled and shaken bc of her ignorant rant and attack. Im so proud of you keeping your composure. Im not sure how I would have reacted. Sorry that happened to you! You are a bigger person than her and I believe in karma, for both of you. Sucks to be her! Good to be you!! And also you’re right, that would’ve been a very scary situation if the boys were there.

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