Channelling My Inner Soul Sister

I’m consistently on a specific music kick. For a week or more it could be classic country, or new country, which is really closer to pop. But it’s all good, like gravy on a biscuit.

When the mood hits, it’s easy listening, James Taylor, Carpenters, or Neil Diamond, I enjoy instrumental orchestra music whenever the vibe is right, Old rock and roll is a staple. Nineties alternative is often my choice. Some of the artists I love are eclectic, but have a huge cult following. Some are folksy, like Brett Dennen, Some rap is clever and catchy, and not so nasty. I can dig it.

Sometimes classical is the ticket to my kick. Oh, can’t forget the Crooner phase I went through a few months back. Seriously Sanatra was my “go to” preset on XM.

When in my car, I listen to Pop Rocks, Lithium, Willies Roadhouse, No Shoes Radio, and many other XM stations.

For the last few weeks I have binged on soul music. Mostly old soul,…Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Brook Benton, Nina Simone, etcetera.

Something many of my friends know about me is I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. They also know I am not involved, now, in any way, with that organization. It has been four decades since I was actively associated with that religion. A silver lining from my experience with that sect exists.

My recent soul joyride kindled memories of Sunday night skating in Riverdale, many years ago. Skating was such a huge outlet when I was a teenager. I looked forward to it all week! It was a chance for exercise, socialization, and listening to music we loved, maximum volumn! it was also mostly soul on Sunday night, That was Soul night!

So, one of the few advantages of growing up as a Witness, in the ’70s, was the integration of their Kingdom Halls. Racial harmony was important. Many of my friends were Black.

On Sunday night, we all piled into a car, chipped in on gas, and headed to Riverdale, My friend, Kathy, often came along. We were usually the only whites in our group. But that never was an issue.

Music takes me back to special times of my life. I feel truly blessed with an affection for a variety of music genres.

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