Relationships are a Blessing… though often Complicated

My relationship with my husband could be proof that opposites attract. We’ve been together since July 16th, 1983, We have so much in common! But wait, didn’t I just say we were opposites? Yes, but it’s complicated.

I admire couples who constantly spend time together. I also feel sorry for them. It’s complicated,

Happiness is elusive. Sometimes you have to make your own. But that is poor advice for someone who has depression, or any other mental condition. I’m sure if it were as simple as choosing happiness, the world would be a happier place, Life is full of disappointments, but sometimes there is a silver lining.

I feel an amazing bond with my immediate, and extended family, We gather whenever we can, and most recently at my sister’s funeral.

Death brings family together, and more than I want to admit, it tears them apart. Love is always there, though. I think families should agree to disagree.

I’ve discovered relationships take a little effort to maintain. I don’t agree with my family at times, But the love steps up and forces compromise. Love is amazing.

Every family has, that someone, who can only be taken in small doses. But learn to enjoy the dose! With family, there is usually history together. Sometimes the more you find out about someone, the closer you feel.

The passing of my sister leaves a huge void. She was our matriarch. She had a personality that was larger than life. She was brutally honest at times. We knew this about her, and sometimes it was comical. I love the way she could speak her mind.

I miss the conversations. I miss the trips, whether it was to a vacation spot, or just the local CVS. We would go there to get her medicine. She switched stores just so my son, Stephen could be her pharmacist.

I love the way she loved my kids, my grandkids, and me. She had love for her entire family. She would bend over backwards to help anyone who needed her help to do anything!

Her spirit lives on, though, We always worried about her, because she always put too much salt on her food. We’d joke that she had salt shakers in every room of her house. The other day, Erin found our salt shaker in the bathroom behind the toilet. I’m sure she thought, maybe Bennett or Jackson had put it there. But I can’t help thinking, maybe Doris was here. LOL

Well she’s always here in my heart.

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