Margie’s Tribute (for Doris’ Service)

From the day we are born we start to create the tapestry that is to be our life. Each person, each event is a thread that is woven into our tapestry. Some threads are long
and are woven into our tapestry throughout our life. Others are short and show up only briefly. Some threads are bright and beautiful, others dark and gray. There are 
threads that we think don't belong, that we would like to remove. But we can't. Each thread is intricately woven into this tapestry that will be our life. Everyone of us here 
are a part of Doris life tapestry. All the births and deaths, the happy times and the sad times, tightly woven into this beautiful picture. Today Doris will know the last
thread in this tapestry. It is done
 We can step back, look at it. See every person, event, all the laughter and tears that has created this picture and we see that it was a beautiful life.
 Now she begins a new one.More beautiful than the last. One that we will hopefully see one day and be amazed.

I'd like to share with you words from one of my favorite songs:

It's bittersweet, you see
You're not here but I can feel you
Every memory is on the tip of my tongue
I close my eyes and see your face
I hold on tight to yesterday
hopeing when I wake, that it was just a dream

It's bittersweet.
You said that life is only borrowed
So let's wash away our sorrow
that tomorrow I won't be here with you
Go live your life with no regrets
and don't forget how much I love you.

Doris we know you finely got your wings
It's bittersweet.
Fly high sweet angel.

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