Rolling with the Changes

First I’ll reminisce a bit, then on to the glorious discovery of Amazon Unlimited Music and Echo Dot. Music is and has been a huge part of me. I hold no genre allegiance. I’m a genre hopper for certain. . Always embracing music thru the years while the modus operandi for listening constantly changes. Currently streaming music is the trend..

My earliest exposure to the music love bug was in 1964.. I’m the youngest sibling of three older sisters and a brother who all loved music, Naturally, I became infected at an early age. One of my earliest memories was hearing “The Birds and the Bees” on the radio in 1964. At three,.I was obsessed with that song.wanting it to play every time anyone turned on the radio. Another memory of song euphoria happened in 1966. That was when Nancy Senatra released “These Boots are made for Walkin'” . It’s was catchy and funny lyrics filled me with delight.

As a small child.I stood there, mouth agape in front of our black and white TV . Teenage girls were falling out one after the other, overcome with emotion as the Beatles sang “I want to hold your hand”. This music thing was more powerful than my small mind could perceive.. I was sucked into a life enhanced by melodies and lyrics to match my changing moods.

When I was in the fifth grade, mama bought a stereo. It was in a cabinet with a turn table on one side and and am/fm stereo on the other.. A playlist in the 70’s was stacking maybe five or so records or albums on the turntable. Sometimes there would be a scratch or two or a skip. No complaints, though.. I fell in love with technology and how it facilitated my auditory needs.

Once I stayed home “sick” from school so I could listen to anything I wanted as loud as I wanted. Paul Revere and the Raiders version of! “Indian Reservation” blasting! (I know, Cheesy, but I was TEN) I sang , “Cherokee People” at the top of my lungs…rocking the trailer park!. . Fast forward to my teens and the 8-track.. Remember that awkward pause as the track changed often in the middle of a song? Bob Segar and Elton John on 8-track was as good as it got at that time in my life. Then technological improvements to fidelity led the Compact Cassette to supplant the Stereo 8-track. This cassette thing was the perfect medium to take music to another level. Now I could purchase blank cassettes and record playlists. I no longer had to fast forward through songs I didn’t want to hear. Custom playlists was the new ticket. It was also a marvelous way to share music. Making tapes to enjoy and share with friends was my favorite hobby.

In my early teens I was obscessed with the America’s Top 40 radio show with Casey Kasem. I really looked forward to all the trivia facts about the songs and artists. I still listen to recordings of this show on I Heart radio. Radio helped build my music knowledge base. I remember using a cassette recorder to record my favorite songs on the radio. Pretty fuzzy playback, but served me well at the time.

When I was twenty, I bought a High Fidelity component system from a department store on credit . It was money well spent.. I had it years after it was paid for.. By that time I had a fairly impressive Album collection. Bought many in my high school years at the little record store that stood in what is now the parking lot of the new Justice Center in Newnan. Some of them I got from Columbia House. Remember that music club? Eleven Records for a penny! How could they do that? I jumped on that bandwagon! Could it get any better than a stereo component system and blank cassettes? Well, yeah, Compact Discs! At least I thought so at the time they were introduced. Although now I am not a big CD fan. I have bought enough to fill a 55 gallon drum. They have served their purpose and I am so over them. I’ve dealt with cassettes getting eaten, winding them back with a pencil was easy enough. But once a CD gets scratched or damaged in the slightest way, it is impossible to listen to. Often while playing they stop with no warning and as you are about to change or take out, spit on and wipe with your shirt, it blast back in startling fashion. On the pro side, I loved making CDs from mp3’s on my computer. They are cheap enough to rip a new one if they get scratched. But I am not organized enough to even grab a sharpie for writing what I had put on the CD. Resulting in stacks of mystery CDs. I have a stack of CD jackets in the basement without their matching CD.. In my bedroom closet I have a large shopping bag filled with stray CDs and Jackets. My CD situation is so messed up I’d even be ashamed to donate them to Goodwill!. Embarrassing really.

I embraced MP3 technology. Was sucked in to file sharing in 1999. Remember Napster? I did so innocently. Not realizing it was frowned upon and probably illegal.. Then digital downloads became the next new thing. I-tunes and I pods came out in the first decade of this century. That was a good way to organize music and make CDs from playlists. But what a pain if you changed devices! I have spent a whole lot of time in troubleshooting forums.

These days I stream music on Pandora and I-Heart Radio. But while ordering some Christmas gifts on Amazon, I saw this advertisement for Amazon Unlimited Music. The word unlimited tweaked my curiosity. It was Amazon’s answer to Apple Music and Spotify. I decided to agree to the free trial and the unlimited part blew my music lovin’ mind! Imagine going into your favorite music store and grabbing any CD you want, no holds barred. You can have any song you desire!. Yes, any song you want is yours for the clicking. You can even pick out music that you’re just curious about.. This unlimited music is available on up to six of your devices and is AD FREE. I am totally loving much I purchased the Echo Dot to use as my personal music robot.. I’ve only had it a day, but I am in awe so far. In addition to playing music, . it is also Google on steroids. Ask it anything and it answers quickly. You can have it add songs to your music library, or sample songs you are thinking of adding. It is a speaker and will play whatever you ask. Not an impressive speaker so I ordered a bluetooth speaker! . I’ll update this blog to review this product further once I’ve used it for a while.. I am so excited with this new technology!.My Husband, D, is not as enamored with technology but thinks it’s cool she understands his commands better than Siri.

Organizing my music has been on my to-do list for years! Now I’m free. My music will be organized and I don’t have to spend time doing it! I am FREE!. I don’t have to worry about keeping up with all those pesky CD’s! The endless game of concentration as you try to find CDs and their correlating Jacket. Trying to get a new one out of those plastic containers and the seal wrap that is molded on is maddening! I have literally sat in the parking lot at Best Buy cutting them out with D’s pocket knife. Amazon Unlimited Music is definitely a safer choice. No more time spent trying to figure out I tunes. You know how some songs will play, and some are unauthorized because you bought them on a computer that is no longer on the authorized device list.

Amazon Unlimited Music comes with a price, it is $79.00 per year for an individual plan, per year, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer. So immediately I thought of ways to justify this purchase. Hmmmm maybe I will cut back on those delicious Frappes at Quicktrip or maybe I can ask Santa for this every year:)

Now that I’m delivered from CD Hell I hope this isn’t a dream. Somebody pinch me!

OUCH! It’s real, y’all!

Update: Doing free Apple Music trial. Now I have access to all my old iTunes music. Never doing Cd’s again!


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