Author: Margie Brown Calhoun: Written shortly after our mom passed away

Mom was born in a little cove known as Owl’s Hollow or, as locals pronounced it, Owl’s Holler. She was born at home, as was all her brothers and sisters. Her mother married a widower when she was 16 or 17 years old. He was much older than she was, with 3 children, one of which was not much younger than his new wife. But because of propriety, she could not live there and care for his children without being married. He had a small stone house and a small store out front. This where mom grew up. It was a hard life where they depended on some farming and doing work for neighbors. Work such as cleaning, yard work, babysitting and picking cotton. Since mom was one of the older girls, she had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. It carried over into her whole life. She was always frugal and could stretch a dollar farther than anyone. Also a chicken at Sunday dinner. We may have only had one chicken to cook and have company show up. She some how made that chicken feed everyone.
My Mom and D did not have the luxury of completing high school. For most of our childhood mother stayed home and cared for us. Our house was always spotless and she could sew clothes or alter hand me downs. She ruled the house with a strict hand and was not one to spare the rod, but not without justification. I can still remember coming home to see her ironing. She might have a pot of beans on and sweet potatoes cooking. Til this day that’s one of my favorite smells.
Mom left home at 18 to babysit for a family with two children. Their name was Brown. She had a lot of experience with children, at that time having 8 at home younger than her. She was like their second mother. She went home again when her youngest brother,  Tommy, was born. However during her time at the Browns she met a relative of theirs. A young man 7 years her senior by the name of David. He eventually, after much courting, became her husband and father of their 5 children.


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