My Excuse


It’s official,  I’m deformed. I have something called Haglund’s Deformity. It is more common than you would think. I have a build up of bone growth on my heel. It stresses the Achilles tendon. The result, aside from the obvious  lump of bone on my heel, is very painful bursitis. My ankles swell whenever I am on my feet at all. This condition is also called a pump bump.  I have this problem in both heels, however,  the left one is worse.  So, Monday, November 7th, I’m having the left heel surgically repaired. There is strategy in selecting that date. I voted yesterday because I’m unsure how great I will feel on November 8th. Not only from the pain the surgery might cause.  I also am expecting a lot of election anxiety. And I’m sure I will be given pain meds that might help with both issues. Pretty smart, huh?

This condition has become worse since my knee replacements. I could kick myself for not going to the doctor sooner. But Dennis had plantars fasciitis at one time. He was crippled from that and could not believe how painful it was!   So naturally when I started having heel and ankle pains I thought it was the same. Finally I realized it was obvious that my pain was different. I made an appointment with Dr, Heinsch at Georgia Bone & Joint. He comes highly recommended by my primary care physician, Dr McDonald. He’s very knowledgeable and has done many of these surgeries although he’s very young. He completed  a Foot Fellowship as well. So I feel Confident in my choice.  .

Ok, here’s where I whine about how hard it is to lose weight while dealing with such a crippling malady.  Which is an excuse, I know, but a good one!

On my slim slow plan I initiated last January,  I’ve lost only twenty pounds. Which is less than my goal.

After I recover from the surgery I hope I will be able to walk or ride my bike regularly.  My main goal now is staying at my current weight. Any weight loss now is a bonus. Don’t worry, as much as I look forward to my 15 minutes of fame,  I’m not going to appear on My 600 Pound Life any time soon!

Post op…The day after…..Election Day.  The surgery went well.  I was given a nerve block for pain that paralyzed my leg from the knee down.  So I have not experienced much pain until today.  Twenty four hours later the feeling is slowly coming back and pain is setting in.  Pain medicine is working so far.  The doctor told me I would sleep the rest of the day and through the night.  Wrong.  I have been wide awake. I didn’t sleep at all last night and haven’t been sleepy today.  D is being very sweet. Making sure I am comfortable, have fresh ice packs regularly, and serves my food in my recliner.  My sisters and friends have checked in. It was nice to see Brenda in the room when I was coming to from anesthesia.

I feel loved;)  And I am not having the election anxiety I thought I would have. I listened to a video of Franklin Graham praying for our nation. He made me feel at ease. No matter what the outcome of the presidential election, Jesus is still Lord of Lord and King of Kings!

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