My Husband, the Senior Citizen

“Everyone here is old except us!”  D observed as we were walking around Blue Ridge.  Of course this was said the  day we were celebrating his Sixtieth Birthday.  That observation was very amusing.  Of course he practically stole me from the cradle.  Why I was attending junior high when he was graduating high school!  Ok, we are both getting on up there in age. But aside from a few extra aches and pains,  I feel pretty darn young!   When I was younger I always thought life would be pretty much over when I approached Sixty.  Now Sixty is the new Thirty=Nine!  My sweetie is sixty and I’ll be there before long.  But in many ways life is more beautiful now than it ever was.

My gift to D was a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.  We opted for the open air car and were delighted with the weather. We rode for an hour along the Taccoa River enjoying the stunning Fall foliage. There was a two hour layover in McCaysville, Georgia / Copperhill, Tennessee.  We walked around the  quaint towns and enjoyed a meal in Pearly Gates.  We sat at a table with a family from Carrollton. A Pawpaw, Grandma, and their Granddaughter, Reagan, named after the Republican President Ronald Reagan.  They told us  Reagan had an older sister, Kennedy, named after Democratic President John F. Kennedy. They were a delight and  we enjoyed their company. We boarded the train for our ride back to Blue Ridge. The clouds had dissipated and the sunny views were spectacular.

We stayed at a Ma and Pa Inn.  The innkeeper upgraded our room to the Bear Cave suite since it was D’s Birthday.  We felt like we were in a cabin on the mountain side!  We packed in so much on this two day trip!  We visited Mercier Orchards,  fished in a trout stream, shopped in some of the unique shops,  went joy riding along the mountain roads, ate at some of the local hot spots, and of course the scenic train ride!.  Neither one of us had time to be grumpy.

This was a memorable Birthday.  We’ve been together since 1983. D is not one to hold my hand while we are walking, or show any public display of affection.  He doesn’t surprise me with flowers and isn’t what most people would consider romantic.  But I melt when he calls me Babydoll.  If he ever calls me Betty, he is probably  irritated with me about something.  From the very first month we dated he started calling me that and has never stopped. One thing I loved about him from the beginning is his sense of humor.  It is his strong suit, and he enjoys my humor..We laughed a lot on this trip.  I am looking forward to our Golden years!.

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