Margie’s Mural

My sister Margie is my favorite artist. Her talent always amazes. When Erin was ten or eleven she wanted a room makeover.  I asked Margie if she would design and paint a farm theme mural for her walls. When she agreed I was elated! She spent weeks as time allowed. It was a big project!

As time passed Erin outgrew the theme and when Stephen went on to College she moved to his room and transformed it into something more suitable for a teenager.. Stephen didn’t seem to mind coming home occasionally on weekends or holidays to a barnyard. He may have taken some teasing  from friends who were over to play video games in his room. .But I had plans for that room!  I was adamant those walls would not be repainted! . It was going to be my escape room. My woman cave!  I would have a comfy chair and curl up with a book in there. That room was going to be my happy place. You simply cannot be sad in there!

Well eventually we were thrust into empty nest syndrome. Those who have experienced this will understand.  My heart wasn’t ready to make any changes. The kids were out, but I wanted them to still have their rooms should they come home for any reason.

Before long both were married. Soon I was welcoming my first grandchild, then another. Dennis and I were beaming with pride.

Turns out those toe headed boys have altered plans for that room. But  I don’t mind at all  It is the perfect play room!   As I sit back there on a quilt thrown over a toy trunk, I soak in the happy sounds of the boys playing and the serenity of the mural.

A few weeks ago we had the television in that room connected to our Directv service. Mainly so D could watch History channel on the main tv instead of Peppa pig, or Pup Patrol .As the Directv guy was installing the receiver box, he asked who had painted the room. He said it was amazing!  In fact, that is what inspired this blog. I wanted to share the joy.

So, thank you, Margie! That beautiful  mural is a blessing! And so are you!


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