Scruffy Doe

Today Dennis and I were walking. As we approached the curve in our road we looked up and saw buzzards circling.  It made my brain take a quick accounting of all our pets.  Yep they were all fine.  We thought nothing more of it as we continued our walk. On the way home as we turned on our road we were more focused on the sights along the road when we noticed a large rolled tarp had been dumped on our land.  As we got closer to the tarp I could smell something really bad. The smell of something dead and decomposing.  I asked D if it could be a body!    We had to investigate. We pulled the tarp back and to our horror we saw hair and bones. We could tell it was the body of a dog. The head was intact enough.  This was very sad to us. We were relieved it was not a person. But someone went to some trouble to wrap the dog in the tarp.  Seems like they could have just buried the dog.

I call the dog Scruffy.  Scruffy Doe.  Bless its heart. RIP Little Scruffy.


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