I refuse to wear a moo moo!   Waaaaaaah! How did this happen?   I was active up until about three years ago.  I played division three soccer with much younger women for years. i was able to run up and down that soccer field with twenty year old women for ninety minutes and hold my own.  I coached soccer for years which required activity.  My knees failed and I had to have them replaced in 2013.  My activity level went way down and my caloric intake remained the same.  So I began to gain weight.  I tried riding my bike and cutting down on portions. Then developed Plantar Fasciitis. This is a crippling and painful condition that makes walking very difficult.

I am corpulant, fat, plump, stout,chubby, portly, flabby, obese, rotund, gargantuan, fluffy, hefty, blubbery, etc.. . This unfeigned observation of myself is not meant to insult anyone who is also weight challenged.  I happen to have friends that are absolutely beautiful with extra pounds. Some people choose to accept this about themselves and are happy. I have been  fit weighing 160 pounds. I was happy. I am unfit and weigh much more than that. I like being a fit weight much more than my unfit fat weight. So I am excited to journey back to a more manageable weight and become fit along the way.  Tackling this regardless any inhibiting issues. On January 2, 2016, I will begin.

On my last visit to Dr. McDonald, he told me I should lose weight. That I already knew, but to actually hear someone tell me was sobering. But Dr. McDonald offered a solution that was too reasonable to resist.  He said to set my goal to lose a pound a week. He said I should have access to a scale and weigh everyday.  And he talked to me about exercise. I would definitely have to figure out something that my body would allow me to do.  He recommended a stationary bicycle.  I do not have one at this time. He also suggested swimming. I do not have access to a pool.  So I’ve decided to obtain some orthopedic shoes to help with the plantar fasciitis, and walk. I will ride my bike when it is back in service. Yeah, Dennis says he is going to fix it….and It is not necessary to remind him every six months.

So I will use this blog to journal my effort to lose weight.  Beginning January 2, 2016, I will weigh in and write about what I did that day to make it happen. I will check in regularly and record my progress…complete with pictures.  I hope to do even better than a pound a week. But this weight was accumulated over time. It will take time to lose it.  Check back January 2nd for the documentation of my weight and any comments I have about my commitment to this plan.

January 2nd

I began today with a weigh in.  I went on a vigourous walk this afternoon for 45 minutes. Got my heart rate up. I am keeping track of my heart rate, walking distances, and weight with my S Health app on my Samsung.  Feel good about the choice to cut back on portions. Cut the junk calories out. I have to be more conscientious about everything I choose to eat.  Wise choices instead of impulse eating.  Feel Great so far.

January 3

Today I walked briskly for an hour. Feeling great. I am not going to become overly elated at a weight that is less or more than the previous day. I am going to focus on where I am in a months time.  My goal is to lose a pound per week. I probably will not update daily. But will definitely be keeping daily records of my progress.

January 8.
Been walking. Not cheating too bad on diet. Will do weigh in tomorrow to see if I have lost a pound. Yeah at least a pound!

weight 2

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