This gave me Chill Bumps

Sometimes things happen that cannot be explained. Today I experienced such a thing.  Erin has been on my mind. Thinking about how her world turned upside down with the death of Adam. Although I have prayed about the whole situation, it is so hard to accept the death of someone who was so alive and part of our lives.  It has been heavy on my heart and mind.

Today, after hanging up after talking to Dennis on my cell phone. I carefully returned my phone to the home screen before putting it in the small purse I carry around my neck. Since I am really good at butt dialing people, I have made a point to try harder to cease this annoying habit. I was walking to check in on Bennett when I heard Adam’s voice coming from my phone. It was so shocking. I took my phone out to find it playing a recorded voice mail I received from Adam months before he died!

I can’t explain this because it takes some maneuvering to get to those saved voice recordings. How it randomly opened that particular recording is unexplainable.

It was so good to hear his voice, yet so sad.

Rest in peace, dear Adam.

Post note: I took one of those silly quizzes on Facebook entitled “Who is your guardian Angel.” Turns out it wasn’t so silly. My results: My guardian angel is Adam Parker. I do believe he watches out for us. Especially when I am watching his precious boys.


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