Hanging on to my Valentine

Me and my Husband, Dennis
Me and my Husband, Dennis


Intermittently in our twenty-six years of marriage, and five years of dating before, I have been so angry at Dennis I have felt like walking out.  Packing up and taking off. But I never did. First of all I have always loved him even through the tough times. Even when I didn’t like him very much,  I always loved him.  When the kids were small it was tough at times.  We didn’t get along perfectly. But he was a wonderful father to our children and there was no way I would take them away from that.  Just thinking about a step-parent situation with my kids made me sick. I didn’t want my kids to have a step mother. I only wanted Dennis to be their father, no stepfather. He was such a doting and loving dad. He was tough when the situation called for some tough love.  The kids respected and loved him.  Focusing on the love was what bound us together.  No matter what the problems were, we had love. I could not imagine being with anyone else.   Sometimes I take for granted how good he is to me.

Now we are empty nesters. Kids out of the house. We have a couple of wonderful grandson’s.  We still continue to have conflicts.  I’d rather he not climb on houses or flimsy aluminum ladders with his bad hip!  He took a fall just the other week and could hardly move for a day or so. Thanks to Aleve, Advil, and the Chiropractor, he managed to feel a little better. Enough to go to his gig in New Orléans  for Mardi Gras Security.   I nag him about his health. He needs a hip and shoulder rotator cuff surgery. He has agreed to call a doctor for an appointment for his hip.  I will update if that happens.  I am looking forward to growing old-er with him. Still so many things we would like to enjoy.  Got to get started on that bucket list.


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