Photoshop Fun

We made a pic with our dogs a few years back and I used it for our Christmas card. It has since been one of my favorite pics. I have asked everyone if we could try this again but it never works out. So as a joke I decided to do a little photo-shopping. The pics actually turned out pretty good. I LOVE our Dog LOVING  Family!!!!

Really, if we were to retake this pic. Jackson could probably sit on Kane. He is bigger now, so is Henry. Katie and Stephen would be holding or sitting near Henry. Adam and Erin would have Jackson and a dog apiece. I would have Pinky. Dennis, the Boston duo. But six dogs, a baby, and six adults all sitting still even for a second???? Maybe we should wait for the new little guy to arrive. That would really update the pic:)
Postnote: When I posted this I never thought of it as dishonest. LOL. It started out as just fun with pictures. I don’t have a sinister plan to alter all our family pictures. However, I could insert myself in a few vacation photos here and there. Since I am the one taking the pics I don’t get in a lot of them….JK But seriously, this was all in fun.Doggie Christmas bigFamily All of usDoggie Christmas bigDCPS7

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