Everybody wants ENERgy!

Working at a Grocery Store I have seen a lot of energy drinks being purchased by a wide variety of customers. The most common is the young male, between 16 and 30. Yesterday, I witnessed a lady buying one for her son who appeared to be around 6 or 7. I knew it was for him because he kept taking it out of the bagging area, causing an alert to the attendant, ME.  His mom purchased two packs of cigarettes and the energy drink, which was in a super large can. Then as they left the boy opened the drink and began to chug it. I was saddened that she would make the parental decision to  allow a child to have this kind of drink. I once read an article where a teen had drank two of these and it caused a heart attack. Surely one might harm a skinny child like that! Next parents will be putting that crap in baby bottles!  They already put Kool-aid, Tea, and Cola in there!  Aw, I see it all, though. The carts of soda, frozen pizza,  and ramen noodles., huge bags of sugary cereals.  Bought by the same people week after week. Seems like they would get tired of the same thing. But that is what the kids eat. There is no nutrition police. And I guess people get a kick out of  Honey Boo Boo killing a bladder busting size can of mountain dew. Eating crap has become the norm. It is out of the norm for someone to eat in a healthy way.  But seriously, I feel the mom I mentioned earlier should be investigated for child abuse. That is dangerous to give a child that type of drink. Especially a drink that large in proportion to the child’s size. Sure, she might have shared the drink with him. I sure hope so. In any case. The child should have enough energy without the aid of this product. There are other sources of tasty hydration. C’mon lady. REALLY!!!!

2 thoughts on “Everybody wants ENERgy!

  1. I know the “Mommy” in you would love to tell this lady that she should make better choices for her kids, but I know Kroger would frown on it. I know what you mean, I saw a woman yesterday at the check out, she had about 20 of those cheap frozen pizzas, stacked on top of her ramen noodles.


  2. You’re right. I keep my mouth shut on many topics to keep my job. Kroger would frown on a lot of my opinions. lol. But blogging is a way to get it out there. Feels good. I also feel disdain for the pregnant lady who comes in nightly for her red bull fix. That poor unborn child. I wish I could be the intervention. Someone should protect the unborn child and the little six year old getting a toxic energy shot.


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