Some days you’re the Windshield, Some days You’re the Bug

I’m the Bug today. 7;16/14, I was awaken at four something with excruciating pain in my heel. I think it is Plantars Fasciitis.  Dennis had it once and we are very familiar with the symptoms.  Stretching can help.  So  I got up, stretched.  Made my coffee, had some cereal.  I usually watch music shows or videos early morning.  I turned to CMT and  “Dukes of Hazzard” are on. Are they serious?  They took off my videos in the morning to air those re-runs? UGH!!!

I fed our dogs. My dog Pinky, stepped on my pinky and it really hurt, I thought it was bleeding, but it wasn’t. I came upstairs and got ready for my bike ride. My tire is a little low, but I am going anyway!  I got to the end of the driveway and I was really cold.  I’m not complaining.  I enjoy it, but I’m wearing a tank top so I turned  around and got a jacket out of my car…..and my sunglasses.

In Moreland, you can ride your bike early in the morning or go on a walk, and sometimes you will not see a soul! Not even meet a car in the road!  I was so eager for social interaction I nodded an waved at a rolled up rug sitting on a rocker on someone’s porch! HA  As I rode down  Church street I saw an old truck turn on the road. I never go to the end of Church street because of the little dog that follows me. So as the truck was coming up on me. I signaled and got in the other lane to turn into the tennis courts and head home. As I was getting over the truck slowed and an old codger hung his head out the window.   With his tobacco stains going from his mouth to his chin, he yells, “ HEY, ya supposed to stay over here, you drive that thang  just like you was driving a car!”  This burns me up, and I want to retaliate. But I say in a normal tone, “I know the freaking rules.”  I turn and head back to the house and I’m fuming!  Wishing now I had yelled that to him instead!  I know I should not let this Goomer ruin my day. I am out to get a workout to start my day. It is a positive thing. I AM NOT going to let him spoil this!

So when I got back home. I took my phone out to check my distance. I could not go five miles like I had planned because my tire was getting very low.  I had gone a little over 3 miles.  But hey, I have a crack in my phone! How did that happen. I haven’t dropped it! Seriously! I paid $25. for tempered glass..  and It still cracked!  I am careful with it. I do not know how that got there. But it will be $99,00 to send it through insurance and have it replaced. And when the new phone gets her I guess I’ll break down and get bike map (2)a Otterbox.

The rest of the day was not spectacular, but not horrendous.  I guess I have had worse days.  But it is always good to have a good old vent session. I love having this venue for that reason. Smile














2 thoughts on “Some days you’re the Windshield, Some days You’re the Bug

  1. Sorry your day got off to a bad start ! But I got a chuckle reading about it. I guess we have to laugh about this stuff or it would drive us crazy. I think I need to start a blog to “vent”. I don’t know where I would end though, lol.


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