Dr.Shervin V. Oskouei, & Emory Staff I Owe You All A Big Ole Bear Hug!

2415After my surgery last Thursday, I woke surprised because I didn’t even remember being put under anesthesia. And the best part, I was comfortable, no headache, and my knee felt good. No pain??? Can this be for real?   Of course it was right after surgery and it was pumped with antibiotics and pain meds. I pray for it to last.

I stayed the recommended time in the recovery, then I left, with instructions.  I had no restrictions after the bandages came off. (Supposedly three days from that day. If I were to complain about anything at all it would be quality of  that dang bandage. it started falling off the next day. I finally took it off the second day. But all was well. Knee looked awesome.)

On Sunday, I started my exercise walks. I walked two miles. I had a little soreness. and my ankles are a little swollen. but knee is doing very good.  Today, I walked almost three miles. The swelling in my ankles has diminished significantly. There is soreness in the left knee, but minor.  I really look better without Cankles!
When I left the clinic the day of my surgery I noticed a difference in my knee. It was as if  something was  removed that was wedged  in there causing irritation. Sort of like if you have a splinter and it is festering. Then you remove it. The area may still be sore, but a big relief is felt. The pain level is down drastically. I am so Amazed.. I am sleeping at night for the first time since my original knee replacement surgery in September of 2013.

This has been a very hellish journey.  It had a very bad start. But has ended well. I wish I had started out with Dr. Oskouei from the “get-go”. I might not have that scar on the back of my left leg, and could already be in shape for the beach by now.  I wish surgery had been Dr. Oskouei’s first choice…but I know he had to rule out things.  Hind sight is 20/20.

I am very thankful that I am able to exercise and use my knees again.  Such an awesome feeling to work up a sweat from a power walk!   Thank you Dr. Oskouei and Staff at Emory.

First Exercise walk in MONTHS!
First Exercise walk in MONTHS!

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