It’s official……I have “Clod hoppers”

Yep I have Clod Hoppers
Yep I have Clod Hoppers

I decided to use the remaining funds on my nail salon card for a pedicure this lovely afternoon. I’m seated by an overly friendly woman being treated to her very first mani -pedi.  She is at least my age…or older.I laugh at her jokes.  Well, her manicurist was not “getting” them. This woman was on her third cup of chablis and feeling it.  She was Tipsy!
At one point she looked down at my feet
And said,  “Wow! You got some Clod Hoppers there!”
Alrighty…do I slap her?  Nah…I really do have Clod Hoppers! It did come up that I have had many opportunities to use them! Clod Hoppers are, great built in weapons.   No denial. Heck, she hasn’t said anything the employees there haven’t said to one another in their language! No, I don’t speak or understand them, really, but intuition tells me they are snickering about my dogs! I am the only person in the entire salon requiring power tools!  I WOULD never use a dremmel tool on my toes at home! Hard to even have a convo over the noise! But… When I leave here they will be the best Clod Hoppers ever…all smooth … Nails all painted. At my age I’ve learned something.  If you can’t change a feature,…. embrace it and make it the best it can be. So….I embrace the clod hopper!
Oh my Goodness!  She is now asking her manicurist if he has seen GODZILLA in 3-D. Apparently a play on a stereotype of his ethnicity.  He is clever. He said, ” So. Is Godzilla a snake or a gorilla?” He knows but yanks her chain. Too funny!

One thought on “It’s official……I have “Clod hoppers”

  1. How dare her ! But your feet really looked pretty in the picture. Well worth the money ( don’t know about being worth the pain of ignorant people). I like the idea of embracing what you cant change !


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