3:07 am …. I’m in Stryker Hell……… Again

It is a Stryker GetAround Knee. Yeah, Right! I’ll call mine a Stryker GotoHell Knee. There is no telling what it cost to have this knee installed. Plus the rehab. The right knee is good but not perfect. It has some pain. But if they both were like the right knee I would not complain. I would be riding my bike and best of all SLEEPING! There is no sleeping with this knee. To top it off my nose is bleeding an I have pink eye in both eyes and a stuffy nose and hacking cough. Somebody please shoot me. I thought I had reached a peak of Stryker Hell last week when I awoke at 3:00 a.m.  with menstrual cramps and knee pain.  I am fat and out of shape. That has to change. It is increasingly difficult when I am so tired from sleep deprivation and my knee constantly hurts.

I am putting a lot of hope and faith  in the arthroscopic surgery I will plan Thursday the 27th. I am hoping it will offer some relief and answers.

I went to my Dear Doctor Lonergan today for the last time. He is, well was (WAAAAAAA) my Gynecologist.  He is retiring in a few months. I have been his patient for about 25 years. He  has been my counselor and my friend. He has a sense of humor that a lot of people may not get. To me he was really funny. We had many laughs. He didn’t sugar coat things and I could tell him anything.  I will miss him. But today he came in with great concern and asked if I had seen a certain doctor. I said I had never seen that doctor. He sighed in relief. He said it is in my charts that I have lung cancer on both lobes of my lungs. He said it is probably an error. I should call my primary care physician, Dr. McDonald, and tell him to remove this from my charts. So I called when I got home. Left a message with his nurse. They called promptly and told me I did not have cancer. WHEW!!!!!! Because on the way home I was thinking. Well, Dr. M did take recent x-rays of my chest. Could it be???? What if I do?????? Yikes???? Why didn’t they tell me???? But thank goodness! I don’t. But that poor OTHER Betty Hammond. Bless her heart. My prayers are with her. That is an awful error!

I will try to go back to sleep. Sometimes I can after an hour or so. Most times I just stay up all night.  Ready to fix this knee. Lose some weight……and go to Florida!  Actually….hope I go to Florida even if I’m fat. I am ready to put my toes in the sand!  Perhaps I can avoid being harpooned…and if I wear long shirts my muffin top stays underneath….who am I kidding I have the entire dang muffin under there!  But check with me in a few months. Especially if I get my knee fixed!!!!

2 thoughts on “3:07 am …. I’m in Stryker Hell……… Again

  1. Betty you are so funny ! your writing style reminds me of Erma Bombeck…(am I dating myself??). Well anyway she was really funny; Although I know all the stuff you are going thru isn’t funny you put a funny touch on it. My heart breaks for you and hopefully soon you will be pain free.


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