I’m Radioactive

Pink Dogwood against the sky
Pink Dogwood against the sky

“Radioactive”, the popular Imagine Dragon’s song was an earworm today as they injected me with radiation at Emory Midtown, Radiology Department.  Well, it took a few tries. The first technician stuck me several times in each arm and hand, blew a vein. Then decided it would be in our best interest to call in Quan, the vein specialist. When Quan took on the job he got it on the first attempt and I didn’t feel a thing. Where was Quan in the beginning????

I came in this morning thinking I was having my knee injected with dye or iodine.  When I got to the desk the receptionist explained the procedure called a Total Body Scan. I was having radiation injected into my veins. I would wait around for three hours for the  radiation to flow throughout my body.  Then I would be scanned by an imaging device similar to an MRI. It would take about thirty minutes. It was all painless, except for the needle sticks.

The purpose is to get a scan of my bones and my Stryker knees to see if they are loose. Especially the left one that is hurting me so badly. I hope to have the results early next week. If the Stryker is loose it will light up on the scan. If loose it would be replaced. If not, next plan is arthroscopic surgery to find out if the plastic in my Stryker has cracked. There is a reason I am in extreme pain with this knee.

Spring is getting near, I hoped to have my knee issues resolved by then. Doesn’t look like the case. But I know my problems are minimal compared to those with life threatening issues. I will count my blessings and hope that I can get the answers from these tests. This knee is fixed soon or at least I will get relief from the pain….that is my hope.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: When I was taken to the imaging room the first thing I noticed was the beautiful ceiling. It was a dogwood against the sky. This picture is not the same one from the room. As I was lying there being scanned, I admired the picture. I had resolved to get a picture of it before leaving the room. However, by the end of the scan I forgot to get the pic. I wanted to include a dogwood picture in the blog. It is so beautiful and reminds me of Spring.

The Results:

Got quite a cheerful message from the nurse at Dr. Oskoei’s office. She said the Bone Scan was good. There was nothing abnormal in it. My knee looked great. And if I still feel like the knee is hurting, I should call to set up arthroscopic surgery to find out if any of the plastic components are cracked. :\ SERIOUSLY!!!! There is nothing showing in any of the test they ran that will back me up on my stories that this knee hurts like HELL. This makes me so sad. I want to be Vindicated! I wanted them to say AHHHHH no wonder you are in such pain. But NO I get Scepticism. I am sick to my stomach! I really do not know what to do next. Should I go through with the arthroscopic surgery? What if the plastic is intact? Where will that leave me. Just Cripple for life. Because that is what I am. I cannot get down on the floor easily…or on my knees. I use my knee but I am in constant pain. It is really bad at night. This is way worse that it was BEFORE the surgery. I am venting at this point. I have big decisions to make.


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