I was RIGHT, so why do I feel like a Total B****?

I really do not like being angry.
I really do not like being angry.

My life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows ever since my surgery. I have had so much pain and am suffering from sleep deprivation. The struggle to support a likeable demeanor gets tougher by the minute!  Yesterday was one of my worse days. I had not slept more than three hours per night for the last several days. Right before walking out the door to drive to work, one of my crowns broke. It is a tooth located close to the front. This created a huge dip in my self-esteem. I panic! I cannot go to work looking like a hillbilly! I tried to call in, but they discouraged. Apparently a blizzard is coming to Georgia and everyone in Coweta County is on a “milk and bread” run. So, like a trooper, I stuck the tooth back in the hole. Praying I wouldn’t swallow it. Headed to work. Dennis was nice enough to make my appointment for the next morning. When I go in, Dr. Swords finds the tooth cracked and so is the front tooth down from it. I will need either a partial or implants.  Sigh……I opt for the implants at a thousand dollars each. YIKES! Thank goodness my insurance picks up half the tab!  I got one done this morning and will have the other one done later. I had to extract, then the implant placed in. It feels very solid. I think I will like it.  However, the pain hit as I was leaving the dentist office. Wow! At least it took my mind off my left knee for a while. I was given some Prescriptions. I usually go to Lee King, or my Kroger. But since that was not convenient, I went somewhere else.

I turned the prescriptions in. Was told it would be around forty-five minutes. I shopped around awhile, then had a seat in the pharmacy area. I played word games on my phone and checked my e-mail. As I was sitting there I heard  sneezing and sniffling….the wiping of a nose. I looked up to see a tall young man, a pharm tech, counting pills, sneezing into his hand, then wiping nose with his bare hand. This went on a few minutes as I looked at the pharmacist to see if she was aware…..no, no clue. The other pharm techs were clueless as well.  What’s up with that?  These people deal with sick folks all the time. They should be super sensitive about prevention. I couldn’t help myself. I spoke up, and when I did I came across as a total B word. I said, “If he is counting my pills, I want him to sanitize his hands!”  Well, I guess that wasn’t that mean. I really didn’t want any sick on top of all my other issues of late. Nobody said anything to me. The girl just turned and said something to the boy. He went over and washed his hands. Then left and returned, not giving me eye contact. I feel bad that it came to that. I perhaps should have said it differently or had more sensitivity. But I feel I was right. He should sneeze into his elbow, not his hands. Really, he shouldn’t even be there if he is that sick. I guess my alter ego, Beatrice, the outspoken meaner Betty showed up today. But sometimes she is there for my own good.  That wasn’t a great experience. I guess if they think I was a, well you know….I feel they did not offer good customer care at all. So touche’.

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