“Me and Bobby McGee” and what it means to me

Me and my Sweetie
Me and my Sweetie

I’ve never  been a fan of the vocals of Kris Kristofferson. He had a ditty or two hit the airwaves that might have infused an earworm. But this man is one of the best songwriters of my generation.  It seems like his songs always, eventually fall into the perfect voice. I can’t imagine “Me and Bobby McGee” being covered any better than by Janis Joplin. It was originally recorded by Roger Miller. I don’t think I’ve even heard that version. Oh, and of course Kris recorded it as well. But most will agree Janis has the best rendition. Although, Pink’s version on Youtube deserves a listen. She might come close!
I was around ten years old when this song came out. I had heard it dozens of times before I met my husband, Dennis. But it was well into our marriage, after an argument, I listened to this song and soaked in the lyrics.  From the beginning the song draws you in as this woman tells of her life with her love, Bobby. Then sadly she lets him “slip away”.   There is one particular verse in the lyrics that gave me chills as I listened this day. (And every time since that day)  “But I’d trade all my tomorrow’s for a single yesterday, to be holding Bobby’s body next to mine.”

That triggered some very heavy thinking.  This is how I would feel if I were to let my man slip away!  The regret expressed by Bobby’s girl in this song was offering me a lesson. Hold on to your man!  Don’t let petty arguments tear you apart!  Always, as long as you can honestly feel that verse applies, learn from it!
I’ve been with my Sweetie since 1983.   We married in 1988.  I’m not saying this song verse is the only inspiration for a successful marriage. But it sure has been a factor.   Now a disclaimer:  Anyone experiencing an abusive relationship should get out, even if they have those feelings.

Crank it up!

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