B’s Knees–Decision Time

The results are in. I do not have a staph infection in my knee. It is hot to the touch. It hurts like Hell. But is not infected. Therefore, the doctor feels a need for revision.  He would like to go in surgically and revise the knee.  That is do whatever he sees fit once he is “in” there.  This might include replacing my Stryker or repositioning and  re-doing the one that is now in place.  This news for me is HUGE. It is something I will really have to think about.

My plan is to work out the knee very hard for the next month. Try to build up the muscles around it. See if this relieves the pain. If the pain persists or gets worse. I may have no other recourse.

Post Note:

I slept only an hour tops last night.  That was from dozing here and there throughout the night. I was  checking the time all night long….hurting and so restless. In hindsight I should have taken a sleeping pill.  I didn’t because I wanted to rise early to begin my exercise regimen.  That part of the plan worked. I am up early. I even cleaned the kitchen, showered, had my coffee and breakfast, and played a few word games on my phone.  The knee pain last night was off the charts. I am starting my plan with the exercise, but at this point I am very unsure at the outcome.  The knee seems too painful.  I will follow-up with updates.

February 8, 2014
It’s been over a month. I have done exercises, the first two weeks daily, after that every other day or so. The reason, the left leg did not respond well at all. It became more inflamed and swollen. I do not sleep well at night unless I take a sleeping pill, and even then I wake up very early in the morning in pain. The right leg, however, has responded very nicely to exercise. It is much stronger and is sore only after a very strenuous day. And it is not swollen. I sure wish I had that result with both legs. I have an appointment Feb 19th to discuss revision

February 20th, 2014

Yesterday I went to Dr. Oskouei at Emory. We discussed my options. And now we have a game plan. He is to call an set a time for a procedure where they inject my knee with some substance that will cause any loose places to light up. If the Stryker is loose, this could be causing my intense pain. If this test is positive, he would have to do revision surgery, possibly replacing the knee. If the test is negative, he would then set me up for arthroscopic surgery to see if any of the plastic parts of the knee have cracked or chipped off. This could also be a source of pain. If both are negative I am SCREWED. I have intense pain for no apparent reason! I am actually praying that it is loose. I guess I want confirmation of my claims of pain. I have been in knee hell since September. Ready to be healed.

February 22, 2014
I was up right after three a.m……AGAIN. How can I continue to live on three to four hours sleep per night? I can’t always nap during the day! My knee was worse than it has ever been last night. May 5, 2015 I am a month away from my surgery it is really my only hope. I still haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since my knee replacementsmy left knee got a little better when I began taking the Cymbalta. What has become word as of late. The pain is so intense at times it induces nausea. I got a prescription for hydrocodone from dr mcdonald for my migraines. The supply has to last a month. so I don’t really have the luxury of taking those pills for my knee pain.and the dose is very low so it really only take the edge off. But I have on occasion taken them and they helped a lot.

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