The mysterious wound that refuses to go away!

From Sept to January Still not fully Healed.
From Sept to January Still not fully Healed.

For those who have not followed my blogs detailing my surgery adventures…..or misadventures, I’ll quickly give you a recap. I had Knee replacement surgery in September.  After the surgery I noticed blood on the back of my leg, and a piece of skin hanging there. I notified the nurse. She had no clue how the hole in my leg got there and supplied a Band-aid. Weeks later, the wound began to annoy me, aching and stinging. Especially during physical therapy. I told my therapist. They notified my doctor via e-mail. I also sent a note via our patient portal. No word from the doctor. I got the impression he was ignoring this issue.

I ended up going to my primary care physician.  He prescribed a salve with antibiotics.  It seemed to soothe and begin to heal.
As you see from the picture. This was no scratch. It is a HOLE in my leg. I am envisioning a flash mob happening during surgery…Was there dancing?  I don’t know???? But how did I end up with a hole in my leg?  I know it is not a life threatening  wound….. but If this guy did cut me, he should OWN it!  He should have TREATED it!

I went to my Primary Care Physician this week and he noticed it was not fully healed. I had to have blood work done! Fortunately it came out negative for infection. But I should not have the sore, and am really upset that no one will fess up.   This is but one of the many issues with the doctor I chose. So I am going to have a second opinion on the general leg pain issue in general this Wednesday, 01/15. This time I am going  with an Emory doctor.  Wish I had done that from the getgo!  I will also be interested in what he has to say about my mysterious sore.


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