Sister of the ♥ Jan

Old Pals
Old Pals
On vacation again!
On vacation again!

On Vacation BiloxiOn Vacation

Our acquaintance goes back to maybe fourth or fifth grade at Western Elementary School. We didn’t bond at that point. And even on into high school we didn’t become real close friends, although we were buds. But after high  school we ended up working at the same Chiropractic Clinic. And from there we bonded and have been the best of buds since. It was early 80’s. From there we sort of followed one another to jobs. We ended up working together at so many places! After Advanced Chiropractic, Elks Club, Conference Center, Cracker Barrel. All the while Jan is going to school to get her teaching degree.  After she begun  teaching, I signed up to sub. And we actually worked at the same school together!  For a while there it was really crazy how we always ended up working together!  We worked a few private parties together as hostesses. She dog sits for the family I clean for.   It seems we just can’t get away from one another.   But we really don’t want to. Oh yeah, we also played soccer and coached soccer together!

When we were at the Chiropractic office/Cracker Barrel/Elks Club   both of us were struggling financially. We would share meals to save money. We were in this together! It felt good to have such a close friend.  We shared what we had. It wasn’t easy to live on your own and make the wages we made. A lot of our jobs overlapped. I think at one point I was working four Jobs, Chiropractor, Kwickie Store,  Elks Club.and Cracker Barrel.  It was a tough schedule. Having a bestie like Jan sure made those days bearable. Sometimes when we miraculously had a couple days off together we would take a mini vacation. It would not involve a hotel stay or any elaborate planning. Usually on our way to the car from getting off at Cracker Barrel we would just decide to take off.  I loved having the freedom to do that!  Nothing like Spontaneity!  Those were good times!  Once we drove to the mountains. It was a beautiful trip. Just friends and nature.   We drove at  night.  We might have napped in the car a bit at twilight.   But I remember having a wonderful time together and the scenery was so beautiful.  We sang together and had the best conversations!

Sometimes after our shift at the Conference Center or Cracker Barrel we would go to Old National Highway to a bar. We really loved the music and it was exciting. It was the thing to do back then.   Jan was always impressed that I had “guns”.  Muscles that were quite impressive for the skinny girl that I was at the time. But really, I have always been a strong girl. In elementary school boys would arm wrestle me…I would win.  I have always been strong.  Anyway, at one bar there were some guys at a table nearby who noticed my muscles, and commented on them. I was sleeveless, but it was a feminine outfit. I was not dressed as a manly girl.  Jan tells them I can beat them at arm wrestling. I’m getting nervous., as I’m a little shy.  Long story short. I beat the table full of them,  and we drank free that night!  Maybe they were drunk, I don’t know. But It was fun at the time. They were sulking as they made their way out to their Harleys!

We have had so many vacations together over the years. It was just natural to bring Jan along with us. All the children in our family know her as Aunt Jan. She is my sister of the heart. ♥ She is  welcome and expected to come to our family functions. She is so much a part of our family!    Jan has been such a part of my children’s life as they grew up.  I am so happy that we were able to rekindle our relationship in the early ‘80’s. I can’t imagine life without her!

These days it seems she is so busy I don’t see her as much. She has her other interest and is so tied down with her job. But even though I don’t see her much, when I do we pick up where we left off before. We need to make a monthly date for one another. That is what I do with my friend Kathy. Although we have been lax about our dates lately. I plan to make an effort to do better. Friends are important!  Jan has a very special place in my heart. She knows I love her and am always here for her. ♥

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