This Grandma Loves her little Grandson, Jackson! That is the undisputed TRUTH! I do not want anyone to think he is an unhappy baby. Anyone could look at my Facebook timeline and see all the smiling pictures of Jackson that are posted. He is a happy little guy! I am a little bit off the wall. People who know me will not argue against that. Sometimes I do some crazy things. This might be one of them. You can decide for yourself. I was looking at the little fellow as he pouted up to cry. He was so stinking adorable!   A lightbulb went off in my head…. I thought I should cry along with him! Yes, Oh my goodness! I have to take pictures!   What the heck. So here are a few of those images, and a video to boot!

We are Crying now!

Black and White

Cry Babies
Cry Babies

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