The “Tell About Yourself” Game on Facebook

This is a game where a friend tells about herself. If you like her/his status they give you a number and you have to list that many things about yourself in your status. I was given the number 12 by my friend Denise. So I played the game. This is what I posted on Facebook:

Okie Dokie, I was given #12 by Denise 1) God 2)Family and Friends mean the world to me 3) I have a Godson, LeeMondi, he is so precious to me! Such an honor! 4) I LOVE animals. I have 5 dogs. 1 cat. Would love to work with animals or volunteer in a shelter. 5) I’m a Blogger. I maintain two blogs. Love to write, even though writing isn’t my strong suit. 6) I have lived in four states. Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Florida 7) If I could go back 30 or so years, I would try our for Roller Derby 8 I have Stryker Get Around Knees I had bi lateral knee replacement surgery two months ago. They still feel like they are not my own. Like I’m walking with prosthesis. lol 9) I played Amateur Soccer up until a few years ago. See #8 GRRRR 10) I LOVE Music. Blessed with loving many Genre’s. 11) Love working with Videos and Pictures. Have a Youtube channel. 12) I love thrift store “hopping” with my sisters.

Alright, now via my blog I can get down with it and say some things I would not post on F/B. First on number one above I’ve listed God. Yes, I do believe, and Have a love of God, and what is good and right. I try very hard in my daily life to follow the golden rule. Or as when Jesus came, he brought a new command. To love one another as He has loved us. He stressed that Love was very important. I believe in love. I know that love is the glue that binds. It never fails. It does indeed cover a multitude of sins. I however, am not religious. I am spiritual, and a believer. But due to my nasty religious background. I am just not into any organized religion at all. But I do not look down on anyone who attends church. I admire anyone who follows their beliefs.

I was born at home, not in a hospital.  I had no hair for a long time. My nickname was Peach Fuzz. My dad called me that throughout my early childhood.

When living in Pontiac, Michigan, I walked two blocks home from school when I was five years old. My Aunt who worked nights overslept and didn’t pick me up from kindergarten. I went in the house. (I guess we didn’t lock the doors) Climbed on a stool and called my dad at work. I told him I was home alone and scared. Haha  My brother got chased home from school most every day because of bullies. They didn’t like the way he talked. We were kind of different coming from Gadsden, Alabama! I even came home the first day telling my mom the teacher had the best sun tan I had ever seen. My mom, having met the teacher, told me no, Betty, she is Black. That is her skin color. She will be that color all year round. How shocking. I was five and had never seen a black person.The year we lived in Pontiac, Michigan was the only time we had an inside bathroom. When we moved back to Alabama, It was back to the Outhouse Smile .Us kids had to take turns taking out the “Slop Jar” in the morning. That is the Pee pot. Because at night, you don’t want to walk out to the outhouse.  And for baths it was heating water in a galvanized tub. And guess who got leftover water. This girl!  Youngest of five kids!

We moved to Georgia in 1967. Yeah, baby. Indoor plumbing!!!!! But we didn’t have great heating system. Just a fireplace in the main living area.  I’ll have to consult my sisters. But I think this was the only heat in that first house near Shoal Creek.  My dad would heat bricks in the fireplace at night. Wrap them in blankets and put them in our beds near our feet. This would keep us warm at night.  One night he got my brick a bit too hot. I was lying there and I saw my covers begin to smoke, then a flame!  I screamed FIRE! My dad was there in a flash. Put out the fire. All was well. The next day as I was getting off the school bus I was so embarrassed I could die! There on the clothes line for everyone to see was my blanket with a big burned hole in it!

I also didn’t mention the fact my mother and I have no relationship. we have not had a relationship since I was in my early 20’s. She doesn’t know my kids or my sweet Grandbaby. All because of her religion. She has disassociated herself from me because I have left the religion.  I cannot be a Jehovah’s Witness. I do not believe that way. I honestly think it is a cult.

I loved my Dad, especially later on in my adult life. But he drank a lot when we were children. He was a functioning alcoholic.  He held down a job and was well respected at work He was good at what he did. But when I turned 16 he provided me with a car. It was an AMC Gremlin. He did not give it to me. He just let me drive it. There was a catch, I soon learned. He called me many times to take him places. Or to come and get him from places.  I was his designated driver!  I was slapped on the butt a few times while dragging him out of bars. Not a pleasant thing for a 16 year old. And if he was in the right state of mind I’m sure he would have punched those guys out!

A lot of people don’t know that I picked cotton with my mother and aunts when I was a child. I remember how good it smelled. I would get in trouble for getting in other peoples rows. Apparently we were assigned certain areas to pick . Once I was stung by a yellow jacket while picking cotton. My cousin’s grandmother, who dipped snuff, came over and spat snuff on it. I was so grossed out. But she said it would take the sting out….and it did.

My second car was a Dodge Coronet. It was custom painted and had glass packs. Sounded loud! I had regular stereo speakers in the back I could pull out and put on hood or trunk when parked. Sounded awesome. Good ole 8 track. Once, Kathy and I took this car to Savannah when I was just sixteen….almost seventeen. I had actually gone to the bank and got a loan for this car. I think my mom co-signed. I was working at Evans School. I was in the VOT program at High School. I worked mornings and went to school in the afternoon.

When we lived on Spence Avenue, across the street from the “old folks projects” as I called them. I met a few of the older ladies over there and asked them if they needed help cleaning. I earned money weekly by cleaning for those people. It wasn’t much, but was a lot for a kid. I usually spent it all at Kesslers. I could walk to town on the weekends. I would also take bottles to the Coca-cola Bottling Plant on Greenville Street for money.  I loved going to town to Buy Wise,  Kesslers, Lee King!  It was fun just to walk around on the square. Or ride my bike.

When Laura died in ’89 I decided to do something that would allow me more time with my kids. Family really meant so much. I had lost someone. I wanted to spend all the time I could with my family. So I started cleaning houses. I have done that since ’89. Although I work part time at Kroger, I still clean for a few very special clients.

In 1989, the year my niece, Laura was murdered. I was so restless for months.  I could not sleep at night without dreaming about her. It was a horrible thing for our family to go through. She was only 19, yet left behind two children. She was the youngest daughter of my oldest sister, Doris. But she lived with us a lot growing up. I thought of her as a sister. I still miss her.

Dennis and I met in 1983. We married in 1988. Stephen was born in 1987. He figured this out when he was in kindergarten. That was my first clue this kid was going to do pretty well in school. He came up to me and said they had made a mistake on our marriage license. (Dummy me had hung up a copy of our marriage licence in the living room) He said it had to be wrong because it said 1988 and he was born in 1087. But he said I know it’s wrong, you have to be married before you get a baby!  OOPS!

Oh yeah, Stephen was due December 23rd, but was born February 2nd. NO, I am not an Elephant! I cannot believe my doctor let me go that long. I apparently do not havw the hormone that triggers labor. Stephen was post mature. He was very sick. He stayed in the hospital for ten days. He was born with a simean crease in his hand. And he was chubby. He weighed 10.7 at birth.  He had a lot of skin around the back of his neck. These are features that are found in babies that have Down’s Syndrome. A nurse approached me. (He was born at Clayton General Hospital) and told me he had Down’s Syndrome. She showed me his hand and said he had the feature of the redundant skin. I lost it. I called Dennis, crying. I cried most of the day. They had to take blood test and send them off. It would take a couple of weeks to find out if he had Down’s for sure. I held him and looked into his eyes. He just didn’t have that look. I did not believe he had it. Yet this one nurse kept telling me I should contact a support group. She was so sure he had it!   But one afternoon I was sitting in the neonatal nursery rocking Stephen and a doctor came over and began talking to me. He was the head of  Pediatrics, I think. He held out his palm to me. He said look at that. I noticed he had a simean crease. I said WOW! He said that he had heard there was a baby in the neonatal nursery with a simean crease. He wanted to meet the little fellow. I let him hold Stephen. He looked at his palm. He looked at Stephens face. He told me there was no need to worry. Those test would come back negative. He said your baby does not have Downs.  I wanted to jump up and hug this man! I felt so relieved! I now have a very good friend who has raised a child with Down’s Syndrome. I know that if he had Downs I would have accepted it and he would have been a blessing. My friend’s child, now a man. Is a blessing for sure.  Down’s Syndrome children have a special place in my heart.

I have an alter-ego I’ve named Beatrice. She comes out when I’m angry. A lot of my close friends know about her and have seen her. They do not want her to come out  She is scary.

I have had some close friends turn their backs on me.  Very hurtful. They really did not do anything to me. Just disappeared from my life.  Strange. Hard to explain. But I have some very special friends that I’ve had for a long time. Who have been loyal through the years. I also have my sisters who are the best friends ever! Their love is unconditional. The older I get the closer I am to them. And I have a very close friend, Brittany I talk to EVERY day….several times a day….and she lives in Virginia. Love her dearly. I have several very close old friends who live locally I do not talk to often, but I know I can call on at any time and the conversation would pick up where it left off the last time. They are true friends I could call on at any time for any need. They are Jan and Kathy. I do correspond with Jan via text and Facebook. But Kathy has not wanted to do the Facebook think yet.(update: Kathy’s on F/B now) We try to keep a regular date monthy where we meet at a local restaurant and talk, usually after she gets off from work. But we have been lax about it. I think that will be  one of my New Years Resolutions to keep that date going. Friends mean so much. And Jan and I should start a date as well! Sorry…at this point I am rambling…No wonder so few read my blogs! I do recommend some older blogs. The latest ones about my knees etc. Are kind of depressing.  I have written some funny ones.

A few trivial facts:  I like wordfeud and Words with Friends and am very competitive.

I sometimes make myself a small skillet of cornbread for lunch and eat it with buttermilk. I like tomato sandwiches with Mrs. Dash.

I cannot sleep unless I have a pillow between my legs and vaseline or chapstick on my lips.

I have a minor lottery scratch off addiction.

I have disabling migraines to the point I want to die.

I would rather listen to music than watch tv ….unless music is on tv…I love Palladia and AXTV! Like a concert in your living room!

This is a blog I will probably update and add on as I think of things.

4 thoughts on “The “Tell About Yourself” Game on Facebook

    1. Dear Anonymous, WOW, that is the best compliment! In another life, I would love to take serious writing courses in school and perhaps make a living writing. It is a dream!. But doing it for fun is absolutely stress free. It actually relieves stress. I am glad I can use this outlet. Having someone appreciate what I’ve written is a very appreciated bonus. Thank you!


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