The stryker coup

Healing nicely on the outside...but pain on the inside.
Healing nicely on the outside…but pain on the inside.

It dawned on me today. I guess I should have realized this much sooner. MY STRYKER KNEES HAVE TAKEN OVER MY LIFE! The one thing that is most disturbing is the control they have over my sleep. My surgery was September 18th and as of today, I have not slept over four hours per night.   Oh yeah, there were a couple exceptions where I slept five hours, and one night I slept six. Woo Hoo.  I lie down around midnight. When I go to bed earlier, I just lie there looking at the ceiling. I am not sleepy. I’ve always been a night owl.  It never fails, I wake up around 4:00 am!!! I lie there trying to go back to sleep. But my knees hurt, especially my left knee. I just cannot!!!! So I get up and go to the living room to the recliner. Have my coffee, and watch music videos on TV.

It amazes me that I am functioning on so little sleep for so long. I sometimes “cat” nap during the day. But not always. It is actually rare that I do. I don’t like the fact that my knees are running me!  I want to turn this around.  I have already tried three different sleeping pills. Two rx and one otc…… No luck. I am determined to put my knees in their place!

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