I had surgery September 18th. It is Oct 17,  and I have slept nightly at the most six hours  (that was one night) since.   Most nights I get four hours …if I’m lucky.  Dr. Waldrop prescribed Ambien to help as the anticipated pain would keep me up.  I have tried taking it several times. I had success the one time I got six hours sleep. Other times I wake up every two hours.  And a weird side effect is wild and crazy dreams!

A demon swooped down and grabbed me as I was walking to my back door. We began ascending to Heaven. Heaven, I thought! Why is a Demon headed to HEAVEN!   I can feel his evil turning my body cold through and through. I was as scared as I have ever been in my life!   I revert to the religion of my youth. Someone from that religion taught me that if a Demon ever tried to lead you away,  tell them to release you in the name of Jehovah! So, I am saying at the top of my lungs, “In the name of Je Je JJJJ…..”  But I stuttered…I was scared and could not utter the name. I was persistent, and finally I said loudly, “IN THE NAME OF JEHOVAH, I COMMAND YOU TO RELEASE ME!”  The Demon became agitated and started floating toward earth. Delicately placed me on the ground. The power of having God on your side. Albeit an Ambien induced dream!

I had commented the night before on Jan’s Facebook post about “The Walking Dead” and a movie Jan was planning to watch called “The Demon’s Rook”. So my dream might also be partly brought on by having that on my mind.   It was a crazy dream either way!

I went to Dr. McDonald about my sleep deprivation and increased headaches post surgery.  He prescribed a stronger pain med for night-time.  I tried it the last two nights and it is no better than the Lorcet. He also prescribed a stronger sleeping pill, but I did not get it filled. I am contemplating, however. I really need to SLEEP!

At this point in my recovery, I am very low.  I am suffering way more than I was before.  I hope the pain begins to fade soon.  Otherwise, I feel I made a big mistake having the surgery!

I went to bed last night, Oct 17, before midnight.  I decided to try something different. I rubbed my legs down with horse liniment. It is very good for sore muscles. I’v e had good results in the past with it. I took my nightly preventives, Ambien, and a pain pill. Drifted off to sleep quite easily and slept ’til around 4:15 am.  Not a bad night. A solid four hours. Better than last night!  I  got up went to the bathroom. Laid back down and tried to go back to sleep. It was a no-go. I got up at 4:45 and made coffee and a bowl of cereal.  I must get more sleep!  I feel obligated to try the stronger sleeping pill Dr. McDonald prescribed.  I hope there are no crazy side effects!

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