Think Positive! yeah….at least no cankles!

Knees look like two baseballs haha but bigger!
Knees look like two baseballs haha but bigger!
This is where skin fell off after surgery
This is where skin fell off after surgery

Three weeks and a day post surgery!  According to my Physical Therapy team I am way above average!  I am doing GREAT!  My staples are out and I have healed nicely.  I am no longer on the knee machine eight hours a day. I am going up and down stairs. I also am able to ride a stationary bike.

I have only been migraine free three days since surgery, which is a problem. These migraines have been controlled. But they are scary, because I don’t ever know if they will rage out of control.  I also have knee pain almost constantly. It gets most intense at night and after therapy. I am limited as to what I can take for pain. I have to limit the amount of narcotics because they trigger migraines.  Dr. McDonald called in some Fioricet for the headaches. It is very mild. It has helped take the edge off the headaches, but does nothing for the knee pain.  Dr. Waldrop anticipated that I would have pain and trouble sleeping. He initially prescribed Ambien. I have tried this in desperation for sleep..  It seems to have little or no effect.  Thankfully, I am on leave of absence from work, so I don’t have THAT to worry aboutSmile

At this point I am not going to lie. I am worried. My legs are like strange appendages to me. Not my own!  I have always been a fast runner. I am now very handicapped. But I don’t want to sound whiney. I am just documenting my experience.  My legs are painful, knees swollen and I have limited control. I cannot get down on my knees at this point, but am looking forward to having the tenderness lessen to the point that will be possible. I am working hard at physical therapy and daily to regain use of my legs. I want to ride my bicycle and take walks with Dennis.  Just gotta keep on plugging!

I am grateful for my insurance and being able to go to physical therapy. Dennis is so sweet to drive me to LaGrange three times per week…..and wait there an hour for my session. He has been so wonderful

throughout this whole thing. I am truly blessed to have such a devoted husband. ♥

I added a pic of the sore on my leg where skin fell off right after surgery. This place does not seem to be healing well. It is on the back of my left calf. I am keeping an eye on itl I have notified the doctor about it and they don’t seem very concerned.

This is an opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for Brenda, my sister who has called almost daily and been over many, many times to help out with laundry, housework.  She has brought us goodies, and Supper sooooo many nights. Offered to drive me to  Rehab, or anywhere else I need to go!  My other sisters have also been awesome!   Margie bringing snacks and food, doing laundry, cleaning. And Doris brought so much of her wonderful stew and BBQ ..and snacks….we ate for days!!!! And they all have called and checked on me. Sisters are really the BEST!

My family has been awesome. Love them all!

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