It’s time

My legs ....swollen due to knee damage
My legs ….swollen due to knee damage

For the past month my ankles have become one with my calves. Yes, I have Cankles. I went to my primary care doc after about two weeks of this swelling. I was worried something was going on internally. He ran the gamut of tests and found that I was fairly healthy. I need to supplement with vitamin D. But otherwise. Not so shabby for a 51-year-old. Well, in a day or so I’ll be 52. Which is another funny story about aging…..Until a week or so ago I thought I WAS 52. I was talking to Dennis about something and age came up. He said, “Baby Doll, you are only 51.” I did a little math in my head and became excited. I was not as old as I thought! But in a day or so I’ll be 52 again, sort of. Ha-ha.  Oh, I digress……Back to the medical stuff. Dr. McDonald gave me a water pill for swelling. It helped at first, but then the swelling returned to stay. So I stopped taking the water pill. Doc told me that maybe having my knees fixed would solve my problem.

I have had trouble with my knees a long time. Oh, and if you really want to find out what your doc thinks of you.  Get a copy of your records! Of course it will cost you. I was caught by surprise about that. It was $15 to get my records from Georgia Bone and Joint. Oh well, reading the notes was worth the fifteen bucks, ha-ha.  Dr. Powell was my doctor since 1987.  There must have been a dozen places in his notes where he says “I told Ms. Betty she should stop playing soccer” . And in some places he says “This patient continues to play soccer at her age which is amazing.”  Yes, I loved soccer. And since my knees have let me down, I’ve had to stop. I have gained weight since leaving the soccer pitch. I miss soccer so much. I hope I can find something “competitive” to do when I get my new knees. I love to exercise, but I like competition and feeling the adrenaline. I just cannot hop on a treadmill or run….unless I’m being chased. tehe.

Back in May I had the left Knee injected with cortisone. Just a quick fix. But they are swollen now and ache almost constantly. At night my legs ache from my feet to my knees.  I take four Advil at bedtime, but it barely phases my issues.  It is so difficult to continue in my daily functions with these issues.

I made an appointment with Dr. Waldrop at the Hughston Clinic in Columbus. I hope I can get my surgery scheduled soon. It is scary to have both knees replaced at once. But even more scary to live in pain and discomfort. As soon as I recover to a minimal point. I am taking D to the Doc down there for a Hip consultation!  We are getting ourselves in shape!  Got to get back to having our evening walks and weekend bike rides. I sure have missed those! I’ll update after my visit.


Today D and I went to the Hughston Clinic in Columbus. I first saw Dr. Waldrop’s PA, then he came in to talk to us. They took x-rays which confirmed that my knees are shot. I have extensive arthritis. The right knee is bone on bone and the left knee is full of spurs. and is almost bone on bone. They are going to do both knees at once only because I begged them to. I don’t want to drag this out. I am receiving the “Get Around” knee by Stryker. Dr. Waldrop is very confident about this particular knee. I have seen the ads about it and it looks impressive. I am very excited about getting fixed. I just hope it all goes well. I don’t want to think about the negatives. But one thing is for sure. I cannot keep going without doing something. The pain is too intense. I need intervention! We mentioned to Dr. Waldrop that D would be needing a hip as well. He told me to get off the table and told D to get on. He actually looked at D’s hip today, gratis! He told D he definitely needed a hip and he should come on in as soon as I got through my ordeal. Dr. Waldrop uses a hip technique where he goes through the front instead of the side. This makes for an easier healing. He pulled up a video on his phone of a woman on whom he had performed hip surgery. The video showed her fishing on a dock and climbing stairs, with ease, two days after hip surgery! This was encouraging! I am awaiting a call from their office for scheduling of my surgery. They think they can get me on the schedule the week of the 15th of September. So, I have a few weeks to get ready!

My surgery is set for September 18th. I will not know the exact time until the day before. I will be at Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital in Phenix City, Alabama. Looking forward to my new knees. Maybe they are bionic. HEHE.
Just another Postnote: Bennie, my kroger son, told me I should have wifi installed while I’m at it. I am putting this in here because I thought it was really funny. You have to love Bennie. ♥


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