A Peeve, or two …..

ARE the rest of YOUR FRIENDS A LITTLE SLOOOOWWWW?????  This is what goes through my mind when I see those Facebook status’ ending with an emoticon and a reiteration.  Smile-feeling happy This is just too “cutesy tootsy” for me. I refuse to take part in. But I really don’t mind if others do. I guess it isn’t so much a peeve as it is  something that is totally dumbfounded. Just can’t understand why this caught on.

Oh, and hashtags…They have a purpose on Twitter and Instagram, but Facebook? It is just annoying to see so many tacked on the end of a status. Some people get carried away with them. I don’t see the attraction to hashtags. I guess I just don’t get it.


For GOODNESS Sakes  Why not use GOOGLE or ASK JEEVES   (Is that still around???) or SNOPES, BEFORE  you post something.  While on that topic,  That privacy thing that goes around every few months is definitely a PEEVE.

Seriously, if your friends jump through all those hoops, you know hover your mouse here uncheck that, blah blah blah, They are effectively disconnecting themselves from you. If all your friends do this, you would eventually  be posting status’ to yourself. Hey, why join a social network?   Just set your privacy settings.   Oh, and check Snopes, it’s a HOAX.


A random peeve:  Someone who puts down another persons choice of music. How can you do that? Music is subjective. You like what you like! It serves no purpose to put down another person’s music. I can understand someone having an issue with explicit lyrics etc.  For example, someone left a Little Wayne CD in my car. I The nasty lyrics were shocking. I can’t understand why anyone would buy that CD. However, it would serve no purpose for me to argue with someone about it. If someone likes this person. They do and that is that. Nothing I say will change that. 

This is a blog with will get updated  quite often….So check back in if you want to see my latest peeves. They might be yours as well Smile

I love technology. I enjoy my phone. I am “team Android” I have a Samsung Galaxy 4. I signed up for a class at Verizon. But something came up and I was unable to make it. I will sign up for another. I want to learn all I can to get the most out of my phone. I love the new features of the camera. It is amazing! I also love working with my software programs on my computer. I love editing and producing video. I download to my computer and to my YouTube channel. A peeve I have with that is the music issues. I acknowledge the music I use. I use a disclaimer. And the music owner then may add a link for purchase of their music. It is a win win for everyone, I think. Except when I jump through all these hoops and the music owner still will not release the video to be shown on cell phones or i pads. Isn’t that ridiculous. It may be viewed on a computer, but not a phone or i pad! What is the big deal? I just don’t get the reasoning on that one.


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