Character, Dignity, integrity…..I could go on and on…..

Beverly Yeager
Pic obtained off Internet

Those are a few of the wonderful traits ingrained in Beverly Yeager.  All of us who have sent our children through the doors of  Moreland School during her tenure can affirm these characteristics.   I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about her in all the years I’ve known her.  Moreland school was “home away from home” for my kids. Yes, the closest thing to “home-schooling” my children!  The atmosphere and tone  of the school was set by Beverly.   It amazed me how she seemed to know all the children by name…..and she ALWAYS had time for parents…..even when we just dropped in!

The Times Herald printed a wonderful article about her retirement. She proved to have a lot of class. I realized this when I was a community coach for Smokey Road Middle School.  I was a co-coach of the school soccer team and her daughter was on the team.  I won’t go into all the details here, but there was a game that involved holding a few kids out, maybe half a game,  because they had missed practice, her daughter was one of them.  The other parents were irate after the game.  They stormed across the field and yelled in our face. They explained their kids were out due to other school functions.  As a community coach, I did not make the rules.  I was only there to teach the game. I held a state level coaching license and was an experienced coach.  I was there at no cost. But I was not ready to have a fight with parents. The head coach and I  tried to defuse the situation as best we could, but the parents left angry. Seems we could not console them.  However, Beverly was waiting for us as we loaded equipment. She thanked us for all our time and effort. She had only kind words for us. She said she understood the rules and had no issues with them. It was so nice to have her support and understanding.  Her daughter  was back to thank us again after the season.  I felt she really taught her daughter a lesson that day as well.  Being on a team you may not always agree with the rules but you have to abide by them. And she knew that we were working hard for those girls. She was mature in her thinking. That is the way she ran the school.  I know her as not only an impeccable leader, but she is an outstanding parent, as well.  I wish her the best in retirement. I know she will somehow continue to shine the light on someone else…..but it is truly her time to bask in the sun. 🙂


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