Thieves simply suck

Jackson has issues with gas and reflux. After determining breast milk was not setting well with him it took several formula’s to get to the right one.  We were going to try a store brand of this formula as it claims to be identical to  name brand and was way less expensive.   Jackson strongly disagreed.

Dennis and I had gotten home from the O.A.R. concert. I was winding down in the living room when she got up and told me he had not been able to keep the formula down and she needed to go to Walmart to get Similac.  I told her I’d go so she could stay with baby.

It was pretty late, or I should say early in the morning by then. Three-ish or close to four.  Once inside the car and  headed to Walmart. I made  sure I had my phone.   I drive there get out, go in, collect the formula. I remember I need trash bags, dog food, and milk.  I’m finished so I pay and leave. When I get in the car I looked for my phone to see if there are any text requests for any other items. NO PHONE. I park again. Look thoroughly. NO PHONE. I go back in…. retrace my steps and ask at customer service.  NO PHONE. UGH!  I go home. Called the phone from my home phone. It goes straight to voicemail. But it shouldn’t have as I had half a charged battery and the phone was on and turned up!!

The next morning I look in my car….again……call Walmart….Nothing.  I then go online to check out Verizon.  I  see that there is some data talk and text activity in the time period after I lost it and the present time. I called Verizon and had the number suspended.

Soooooooo…. I now know that some SORRY person found my phone and didn’t have the decency to turn it into Customer Service! I had my GRANDSON’s SWEET FACE as a screensaver!  I just wish people would DO THE RIGHT THING! FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE!

It would make this world so much sweeter.

Hoping it will be turned in. (but not holding my breath)


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