Me Plus Adrenaline = FEARLESS!

This is D's retirement project. It had the top on when I saw the phantom shadow in carport.
This is D’s retirement project. It had the top on when I saw the phantom shadow in carport.

Oh did I mention STUPID? Yes that exactly!  Here’s the story:  I was up late watching music videos.   Dennis was in Florida.  Erin and Jackson had already gone to bed.  I decided it was time for me to hit the sack as well.  So I get the dogs to all go outside to potty and I walk out on the porch to wait on them. (the porch light is on) I look to my left into the car port where Dennis parks his Jeep.. This is his retirement project. I could see a light inside the Jeep.  I thought it was inside. And I thought I saw the shadow of a  person. I could literally feel the adrenaline filling my body. It moved up my legs through my  body and to my head. So, how did I react? Like a normal reasonable person should have?  Did I go into the house?  No I did not!  The adrenaline turned me into some sort of super human! Totally FEARLESS!  I guess I thought I could take this person on. I gave no thought to whether he was armed!  I marched over to the railing of the porch and I YELLED, “HEY YOU!!!!” But just as quick as I got those words out I realized that it was a light reflection from the porch light and there was nothing to the phantom shadow I thought I saw!  However, my beating heart was still on alert. I was a basket case for the next thirty minutes wondering why I reacted that way?  If that had been a REAL intruder, I could have been killed.  It took about an hour and a half to settle down and go to bed after that. I know now that adrenaline can be a friend. It does give a sort of superhuman type of power. But I need to learn to manage it.  Got to get adrenaline and the brain to work in conjunction!

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