(I don’t get “political or share a lot of Opinion on F/B. I keep it my “happy place” for the most part. I do “like” some status’ and pages from time to time that might be controversial. But my blog is for me to write what I feel. And it is ok if your opinion is different. You may enjoy a blog as well….a great place to vent!   I enjoy being able to speak my mind via my blogSmile)



Trayvon Martin’s death saddens me. It also saddens me that so many other black men die every day in Chicago, and other areas without the notoriety or “hoopla” that Trayvon received. Vigils are not held by the masses. Is it because other black men kill them?    It is the media that made this whole thing into what it is, basically black against white. Especially when they brought  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton into the mix. It is puzzling why those two are not vigilant in stopping the black on black murders that are ongoing.  Zimmerman is Hispanic, But to perpetuate racial tension, they coined a new term, “White Hispanic”. The media has the nation all worked up and emotional over this case as young black men are dying all over and maybe getting a minute if that on the local news….then forgotten. This is because media made this a trending topic. Those other black men are just as special to their mothers. Maybe the ones who are so angry should get off their butts and do something in their communities to stop this.  Personally, I do not know what happened that night Trayvon was killed. I was not there. I was  not on the jury or privy to all the notes and information that was available to the jury. I do know this. In our court system you have to base your decisions on evidence. The Prosecution failed to offer such evidence.  You cannot tell a jury to go with your heart. They have to go by the facts of the case.   There were so many death threats popping up on twitter. People have posted his address and have said he is a “dead man walking”. That is so wrong. The very people who say murder is wrong, about Trayvon,  are now condoning murder. Really surprised to see how many pro athletes are speaking out on twitter! Some of the comments quite inappropriate!  I think it will shock some when they get to heaven one day and see Trayvon and Zimmerman up there, having made peace. God reads hearts and we have no idea about what is or was in Zimmerman’s heart or Trayvon’s.

It was disheartening to hear the comments of the attorney of Trayvon’s family, Benjamin Crump,  He said Trayvon would go down in the annals of history “next to Medgar Evars and Emmett Till”.  I don’t mean any disrespect to Trayvon, but I honestly think that statement was way out of line. Those men were killed in two of the most infamous incidents of the civil rights era.  Trayvon, a teenager who was walking from a store with candy and tea through a neighborhood that was not his own. He got in a scuffle and was shot.  To lump him in with those two black men, especially, Medgar Evers, who made such strides in race relations is just wrong!!!

We have a long way to go in mending wounds in our race relations.  But this should have never been an issue.

I just read via internet that the NAACP has called for Obama to bring a civil suit against Zimmerman. I have to first of all take issue with the group itself. Medgar Evers and Rosa Parks championed for de-segregation and these groups do just the opposite! There are all types of groups such as this. Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanic Round-table, Women Studies, Chicano Studies, Society of Black Journalists…..But what if there was National Association for the advancement of White People? That will never happen. That would be racist. But the people who are forming those groups are the very ones DEMANDING Diversity! Ironic, isn’t it. Secondly, really I think the family should seek peace and comfort in their God. They agreed to accept the verdict. Let it be. The president has issues, that I believe this story has provided a smoke screen. Let it go.
In a perfect world this might act as a catalsyt to improve life in the black community. Maybe a foundation for youths. etc. Something positive should come from it.
Some world we live in. Very hard to get a handle on it.


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