Beau, Is that your show?

Beau and his Shows
Beau and his Shows

I have to share this funny story. Well, at least I thought it was funny.  I was in the kitchen washing dishes. Dennis was holding our grandson. I don’t remember which movie was on TV but it involved animals, horses, specifically. Beau, Erin’s dog was in the living room with Dennis.  Beau loves to watch TV. We get a kick out of how engrossed he becomes in certain movies or shows. He is very intense!   Sometimes he gets too excited and barks at dogs or horses.

This particular night, Beau saw something exciting, got up, ran to the TV, began to bark. Then I heard Dennis say, “Beau,BE QUIET!  You’ve seen this show before!”  HA-HA-HA  I don’t know why I thought that was so funny! But I still laugh when I think about it!  Like Beau has a repertoire of movies, can’t bark the second go-round.:)
Oh well, doesn’t take a lot to amuse me Smile

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