Daddy on his Mower he used as transportation to my house LOL
Daddy on his Mower he used as transportation to my house LOL
Daddy helping us out in 1003. He drove Caterpillars for a living at PCDC
Daddy helping us out in 1993. He drove Caterpillars for a living at PCDC

Betty Aka Peach Fuzz Doris Daddy Brenda, MargieBetty Aka Peach Fuzz Doris Daddy Brenda, Margie

We all grew taller than him, even Doris Smile But he packed a lot of personality in that small frame!  He was also very strong physically, a hard worker all his life.   He was a truck driver when I was small.   When we moved to Georgia he got on with Peachtree City Development Corporation. That is where he worked until retirement.  Daddy had his faults, as we all do. Although sadly I feel his vices probably contributed to his death,   He smoked unfiltered cigarettes from the tender age of ten, and he drank a bit.   However, Daddy kept a keen wit, and sharp mind to the time of his death. I feel that if he had not abused his body, he may still be alive!  But that is just my opinion.

I missed out on a lot as a child because he was either away driving a truck.  or his bad habits got the best of him. When he was around I remember how he would play the guitar for us. I remember wild wood flower, was my favorite song he played. His father played banjo. I keep waiting for someone in our family to follow in their footsteps. Maybe it will be Jackson. My dad loved music, One of his favorite country singers was Charlie Pride. I feature a Charlie Pride song in a slide show I made for my dad. (Link at bottom of blog post)   I got to really know my dad in my teen years and as an adult.   I loved his sense of humor.  When I turned sixteen, he gave me the keys to his Gremlin.  It was mine to use until I could buy one of my own. It was a stick shift.   My first experience of driving to Atlanta was with my dad. He wanted to go to Atlanta and now that he had a willing chauffeur what was to stop him?  It was one of the scariest rides of my life. I had never driven on the interstate. My dad, former trucker, was unfazed. He talked me through it.  I was a lot more nervous than he was.

My dad was a wonderful Paw Paw to my kids. It was nice having him live two doors down all those years. The kids could ride their bikes over and visit. He was good to them.  When I was a little girl he called me Peach Fuzz. I didn’t have a lot of hair when I was little.  Sort of like peach fuzz. He would call me over to give me “head sugar”. He would say come give me some “head nug shug” .   So when Erin went to see him,  he continued the tradition. He would give her “head nug shug”.  That was so super special to me.

I miss my daddy. I carry a heavy heart that I didn’t stop by the morning that he died.  He had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon. I had told him I’d be there to take him.  But I should have checked on him. I should have made him go on in that morning. But hind sight is 20/20.

Daddy loved his family. I know, from heaven,  he sees all the new additions since his passing. They would have loved him. But I know that those who knew him and loved him will keep his memory alive Smile

Remembering Daddy

David William Brown

03-17-23 thru 02/09/98


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