I bumped into my mom

I have few pics of my mama. Some older ones are not scanned in my computer.
I have few pics of my mama. Some older ones are not scanned in my computer.

I have the sort of mom that becomes my mom if I see her in public. Very strange. She raised me in that kooky religion, and I still cannot understand why they do the things they do. One thing is very clear, I am grateful I’m out!  In all the years since I have separated from the “cult” I guess I average bumping into my mom once every several years. It is random. Sometimes at the grocery store, or maybe a funeral of one of our relatives. As long as it isn’t held in a church. When she sees me, she is always nice. She always asks about the family and tells me the things going on in her life.  I am not allowed to go to her home for a meal.  This is all based on her religious beliefs. She says there is scripture that says she should not “break bread” with unbelievers. So I haven’t sat down and had a meal with my mother in decades.

Recently I bumped into her. I was at the hospital with my family. Erin had given birth to Jackson. It was the day after, Friday.  Stephen and Katie were visiting as well as one of Erin’s friends, Amanda.  My sleep had suffered a bit the last night or two and I was getting a headache.  So I excused myself to go to the car for my medicine. On the way out the front door of the hospital I saw a woman walking down the walkway. She sure looked familiar. As I got closer I realized it was my mother. I spoke. She was friendly as she usually is when we “bump” into one another.  I asked if she was coming to visit someone.  But she was there for some medical tests. She asked why I was there and I told her. We talked a few minutes and then parted. As I was coming back into the hospital she was waiting at the elevators.  She got on, I asked what floor. She said she wanted to see the baby.  Then she said she had come to the wrong facility and she should go to the Summit, but figured she might as well go on up to see the baby. She asked why I had come back into the hospital.  I told her I’d show her to the room.

As we approached the room, I stuck my head in and said I had brought someone up to see them. And when I entered the room with MY MOM. You should have seen their faces! She was the last person they expected!  She saw Stephen there and didn’t know him. I had to tell her that he was my son, Stephen. I know at this point poor Amanda was wondering What the HELL!!!! She didn’t know the background and I had come in the room introducing my mom who didn’t know my son! Anyway, after the introductions, she started in on the baby. She commented on him a few times, not catching the gender. Then asks the name.

This is her Great Grandson, but it really didn’t register.  She stayed a very short time because of her appointment at the Summit. She moved to the door talking with pride about her garden and organic bug spray. If only she was as excited about little Jackson.

Well, this Grandma here will have enough love to make it up. I am so excited about my first grandson. There is no way in the world I could ever be a “Bump into Me” only mama or G ma.

Post note:  Another “bump into me” story:  Erin was around three, we were in the grocery store.  I see my mom. She comes over and asks who is the pretty little blonde haired girl.  I tell her it is Erin. She says “Hi Erin, I’m your Grandma!”  About that time several other shoppers turn their head to look at us! Utter disbelief! Can a Grandma be meeting her granddaughter for the first time randomly in the Grocery Store!


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