That Creepy Stalker

Last week while monitoring the robots a young woman approached. She was pushing her cart as two small boys tagged along,  approximately aged four and six. She pulled up to robot 81 and motioned me over. She told me, in a low voice that a creepy man had followed her all over the store as she was shopping.  As she was talking to me the man walked on the other side of the u-scan center and stared at her.  Then he walked across the front of the store and out the door. Yes, He was very CREEPY!  I asked if I could get someone to walk her out to her car. She seemed relieved that I asked.  

I peeked over to see who was on courtesy clerk duty. I saw Kara and Silvia bagging groceries. Both of those girls are super sweet,  but not what I would consider a proper security escort. So I went around the corner to see if Mr. Sheehan was available.  He was coming down the stairs.  Yay!  This worked out perfectly!   Mr. Sheehan is a Georgia Tech Grad,   and a former Tech Basketball player. He stands around seven feet tall and towers over all of us. He is certainly an intimidating presence. I wanted her to feel as safe as possible on her way to the car.

Later on that day, Mr. Sheehan came to me and told me she had called. He said the man followed her from the parking lot. She noticed that he was following her, so she phoned the police. They  met her at her house.

When he told me that I got chill bumps! The poor woman just wanted to buy groceries and some man became obsessed with her! Wackos are everywhere these days. You have to watch out!

Post Note:  This woman came back to the store the next week. She came over to talk to me. She told me the story of the man following her that day. She said when she noticed she called 911. Then she drove past her neighborhood to the next neighborhood.   She pulled in and the man drove past. The police met her at her house and made a report.

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