Some people are such Slobs!

As a concert attendee for decades, I saw some pretty intense trashing of property.  At a concert, I sort of rationalize that some of the people might be drinking, and are not at their full mental capacity to realize what they are doing. No excuse. It still is not right to leave beer bottles around and your trash everywhere. In movie theaters I am always tripping over someone’s drink as I try to leave my seat. What is so hard about taking your trash to the provided trash containers?

At recent graduation event at Mercer University in Atlanta Georgia, the attendees left litter on the lawn. It was shocking!  You would think the families of the men and women graduating would have the utmost class and manners. It is a prestigious school.  But as we stood up to leave, I looked out across the empty seats and saw a sea of litter. Paper cups, water bottles, napkins,  and programs! Are you kidding me! I could not believe these people left this mess on this beautiful lawn. Quite frankly, It was embarrassing. I looked down on the row where we sat with the Barber family. There was not one single shred of paper or trash. So, what was everybody’s excuse? Trash receptacles were available!

This might seem like a petty thing for me to rant about. But is it? I feel it is HUGE! People just do not care. They don’t take pride. They have not been taught. It is time parents start teaching their children not to litter. It IS important.  Somehow, I feel like I was the only one that noticed the litter that day. And that is sad. More people should take note and start holding people accountable.  If you mess it up, clean it. If you push a cart to the parking lot, put it in the proper area for carts. Not in the middle of the parking lot or the space next to your car.  If you do not want the pricey steaks you picked up from the meat department, don’t put them on top of the rice or on the candy isle. You can always just leave them with your cashier if you don’t want them. She will insure they go back to the right place. People who do not do the right thing really cause others to work harder and cost money in some cases. Sometimes it is harder to do the right thing. But other times it is easy. It starts with parenting. Parents have to teach their children. Sadly it isn’t happening.

While I’m ranting….I also feel graduation is a special occasion. When there are over a thousand graduates, the names call one right after the other. The speaker asked that no one celebrate with air horns, yelling, applause, etc. until finished.   However, some people did not follow this and they celebrated profusely making it hard to hear the next name.  Within the family we call them Hyenas.  They make fools out of themselves and sound like a bunch of Hyenas.  I would hope that by the time my grandson, Jackson, graduates they will have figured out a way to stifle the Hyenas!

Usually I post more positive topics. But wanted to discuss those issues that were bugging me.  However, I am truly blessed to have three graduates in the last few weeks!   Erin, a Special Education Major, Bachelor’s from UWG,  Stephen, Doctor of Pharmacy from Mercer, Katie, Master/Education from Mercer as well!  I’m a proud mama.

Litter aside, it was an amazing day.

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