Our Boxcar Motif

Boxcar #1
Boxcar #1


Boxcar 3
Boxcar 3

#1 #2 Boxcars#1 #2 Boxcars

Back in the 90’s D started buying rental houses. He was at that time, a firefighter, battalion chief, on shifts. He had time to work on them as he worked 24 off 48. It was a sweet deal. He took on the role of Fire Chief ,  around 1995. which limited his time.  But he still kept his eye out for a deal. Now that he retired,  he spends a lot of time working on them. It makes me wonder how he managed to handle them while working. But over the years being the wife of a  “slumlord” (just a playful term, our houses are not slums,  and trust me, he is quicker to keep up them, than his own!) has been an experience. Before we built the house we are in now, we lived in what is now one of our rental houses. It sits near the railroad tracks and close to Railroad street in Moreland. I rarely ever went towards Grantville when I left the house, I always exited to the left and headed toward Newnan. Well, one day I had to take the Dogs to our vet. It is in Manchester, GA. So I head to the right. I glance at our house. And right by D’s Trailer, is a toilet. Oh…….My…….Goodness! How Long????? How Long has that been there?  When I got home and asked D, he could not  remember. Oh My!!!! How many people had seen that toilet in my front yard? Oh well, D promptly removed it when he saw how upset I was. He did not  mean to leave it there. He was busy. Working his job, and rental houses was a little overwhelming.

After moving into our house, I was having my coffee one beautiful morning. I decided I should go on the back deck. So I’m sitting there, sipping coffee, admiring the birds, and I look to the left out across to our field. What the HECK!  There sits a BOXCAR!  I know we still live near the train tracks, did one derail? Good grief!  So, I get out my cell phone and call D……….Ohhhhhhh, so he BOUGHT the boxcar and they delivered it yesterday. He just neglected telling me. Ok.   So now we have a boxcar in our field. We will use it to store all that rental house stuff in our  basement. So I’m not all that angry. My basement will be clear again.   Months later, same scenario, on the porch, coffee, admiring birds, look to left…….What the HECK? Someone has added  Graffiti to our boxcar!  Or, wait, is that a different boxcar??? I call D.  YEP, he has done it again. He bought ANOTHER boxcar!  With no homeowners Association. He has run amuck! There’s no stopping him!

We are preparing to finish out our basement. We must have a place to store the items that are down there. So, guess what?  Today he purchased BOXCAR #3!

I am not complaining, really. They are really nice storage units. And we are in the country. Our neighbors here don’t seem to mind.

I have to close this story out with one of the craziest rental stories we have to date. We rented to a family of Mexicans on Frank, Street in Newnan. They usually paid their rent on time. Not many issues with the house. I seldom went there to pick up rent, but the few times I did, I made a remark to D that she was always cooking. The house always smelled like food. Once she had even sent home something she made with D wrapped in corn husks. It smelled good, but I was hesitant to try it. They had to leave,  so we went into the house to see what we needed to do to get the house ready to rent. WOW!  We discovered they had moved a WALL to accommodate a makeshift “take out” window on the back room. Which was a utility room. They had run a restaurant out of the house! Yes, selling burritos, and other authentic Mexican foods right through that window out back! Who does that? Who moves walls in other people’s houses without their permission? They were in Mexico by the time we found out. We could do nothing about it but fix it ourselves. Crazy! That house was a greasy mess. There was a coat of grease on the ceiling fans, walls. I guess the several years of living there and frying foods nonstop had taken a toll. At least we kept the deposit 🙂

UPDATE: I just have to add this little story. Our grandson, Jackson, is just learning to talk. He loves trains and one of his words is Choo Choo. He says it with the emphasis of a train whistle. When he comes over, goes into our yard and spots a boxcar he begins to say “Choo Choo!!” over and over. I find this so funny. Yes, we have a Choo Choo in our yard….. Three of them.


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