Judgemental? I think Observation and Discernment are essential tools!

Yes, it is very hard to work in the public, as I do, and hold back on judging.  After observing someone attempt a theft for the seventh time.  Hmmmmm I have to wonder about this persons ethics. The first time she came through u-scan I noticed a couple of 8 packs of Gatorade under her cart. She paid for all the items in her cart and took her receipt and began to head out. I asked her about the Gatorade under her cart. She said “Oh, I forgot!” and took one of them to another robot and paid for it. She gave the other to me to put back. The next week she came back, Same scenario, but this time she just told me to put the Gatorade back.  The next week she came in with two six packs of cokes in the small section of her cart. She paid for all, but the cokes . I ask as she’s leaving if she is going to pay for the cokes in a separate order. She says, “Oh, I forgot!” She heads back to the robot, pays for one of them. Starts to leave. I remind her there were two. She gave me one of them to put back. UGH!  But she is persistent. The next week, she has water on the bottom of the cart paid for everything…yes, you know the rest. What is this Woman THINKING????? Oh, but she isn’t done!  She comes in again!  This time hiding steaks in cart. She tries to trick me by scanning and skipping bagging after each item.   But I have her number.  I am ON to her. Doesn’t she realize this by now??? Why does she continue to come to u-scan when I am the attendant?  I have told management about her. Apparently they have rules about accusing people of stealing.  Discretion is key.  Another week, in one of her scan and skip bagging routines, she tried to pay for everything except shampoo, and kitty litter. I realized she had not paid for those items, so I confronted her. She left the items with me. This last week she came in with chicken under her coat in the buggy. I saw it right away. What a goofball. I went upstairs and told Ms. Ann, my manager, the woman who had attempted to steal six earlier times had some chicken under her coat. So Ms. Ann came down and after she paid for her other items and was walking out, Ms. Ann asked her about the chicken under her coat. She acted surprised! Handed me the chicken and said she had to go to the car for some money. She never came back in. I don’t know if she was rattled because I got the manager.to handle matters.  But hopefully she will stop. How do you not judge such behavior.

Another  woman  who comes in at least once or twice when I work. And I only work 12 hours per week. Is a woman who has been a customer for years.  I’ve seen her girls grow.  Two beautiful Asian girls, although the mom isn’t Asian.  I’m not sure if they adopted the girls. I  never see her husband in the store.  This woman is so hateful to those girls. She snaps at them EVERY time they come through u-scan. I feel sorry for the girls.  You would have to wonder though, why someone would adopt children if they didn’t want them? Yesterday the younger one asked if she could scan one item.  Kids get a big kick out of scanning. Some parents let their kids scan the entire order. Which is great if we don’t have a lineSmile. But this woman snapped at her, “NO”. Then the little girl told her mom her dad had let her push the buggy thru-out the store when he brought them shopping. I couldn’t hear what the mom said in reply. But I did see the sad face and saw the girl walk off with her head down. I’m thinking she said something unpleasant. Poor girls.  She might just be one of those women who has a gruff exterior. But is really nice. I don’t know her. But wow!  She should see effect it has on those girls.  So, I guess, I’ve made some bold observations!   Oh how I wish this mom would see the blessings she has in these girls. Apparently the dad is pretty cool, but I have never seen this woman display any  form of affection towards the girls while in my presence.  Makes me want to walk over and give them a big hug.

Another thing I “observe” is what I consider as abuse of our system. When I see a cart full of sugary snacks being paid for with EBT, by a person with an I-phone, perfectly manicured nails, I’m quick to form an opinion. Especially when the person who pays with EBT, has the cash for his or her tobacco and Alcohol purchases. The system is Whacky.  That just isn’t right.

If someone is too lazy to walk back to the meat counter to put a steak back, and instead, sticks the package on the shelf with the candy. It  doesn’t take but a minute for an opinion to develop of this person. There is no excuse for this behavior.  People like that are partly to blame for soaring grocery prices.

To this point I’ve talked about some negative observations.  There are many positives  as well.  Working the same hours basically every week. I see the same people over and over. I get to know folks. Some of these people are so nice.  I’ve had customers turn in money that was left in robots. That is almost unheard of! But there are people who are honest. It warms my heart when I see examples of honesty.  Some customers offer to help other customers who are physically disabled.  This is heartwarming. They are doing what they should do. And it is great to see. Sometimes you have to look a little harder for the positives, but you will find them.

Just try to remember the golden rule. and watch out for KarmaSmile


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